Thursday, September 11, 2014

The adventure to the Loral Langmeier event in Toronto


            It has been great summer in Toronto. yet on the event of Sept 10,2014 the rain came down and I had made the commitment to attend event near the airport to see Loral Langmeier share.

 Not sure why this is the case. but when it rain people get scared and don't go anywhere! Entrepreneur don't change their mind and face the elements. That's why I do and glad I did. I got the event and learned some great strategies and tips on wealth creation.

  During my adventure in the rain I was stuck on the on ramp from the Allen to the 401 so I shot the video below. Great tips and strategies on networking.

   Moral of the story:  Don't let rain distract you from your journey of success.


                                                               GPS show the way in the rain..


                                                          Panorama of the room

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