Sunday, September 14, 2014

Amazing dating adventure at Milestore Bar & Grill Bloor and Kipling)


              It was great evening to go on a date and it came lots of surprises by nights end!

               I had met lady at meet up event last week and Friday and we had a great connections so I  had asked her out for a date the following Friday (Sept 12)

     We had texted few times during the week and talk on Friday afternoon the day off.

      Decided to meet at Milestones Queensway at 8pm. We had a great appetizer and drinks. She had some red win and I had a Stella.

        What transpired after was little surprising and little unexpected (trust me I am not complaining at all!)

       What I found very interesting the power of wine has on people. She had a quarter glass of tri-mix wine and that's all it took for her to get little tipsy! I was a gentlemen and told her to about it. Not that it matter but just by observation  I have seen this in the past.

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Fish appetizer

Panoramic view of sherway parking lot with restaurants and movie theatre



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