Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: The Digital Diet by Daniel Sieberg


 The Digital Diet takes you through the process of evaluation and then understand how technology has affected your journey in 21st Century

Daniel Sieberg shares his stories on how technology had sidetrack his life and what he did to make sure he control it and not the other way around!

Re: Think

 You may not be aware how technology is affecting your life daily. He share some powerful and impactful exercise to see how you interact with technology daily

Re; Boot

Now that you seen what technology has done with your life. He will slowly (pain free) bring you back to having control of your day

Re: Connect

The process of re-engaging and connecting you with technology through an E-day will give you the self-awareness of technology and how to use it effectively. Boundaries and time limits are good habits which he will share in simple and effective plan of action.

Re: Vitalize

He will lay out the a plan for the future and how to look at your interaction with technology with family, friends and business. Amazing blueprint of simple and easy actions to take.

Lastly he is a big fan of Canada. Daniel Siedberg  has a bachelor's degree in writing from  the University of Victoria and master's degree  in journalism in technology, from the University of Britch Columbia.

P.S I deactived my Facebook in early 2013 for six weeks. It was amazing and therapeutic experience. Will be doing it again in early December until mid January. Digital Diet works!

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