Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Documentary 2014

            It was an awesome summer! Enjoy the videos below from your truly sharing insight on Business, Life and Success.

Greg Turner (blogtalk radio)Panam/ Parapan celebrations at Nathan Philip Square, Interview with Greivis Vasquez of the Toronto Raptors. Mia Martina singing at Yonge and Dundas Square during Live Green Festival. Bonnie Chan and Aline Ayoub sharing at Canada Job Expo at North York Civic Centre.

     Celebration at Honest Ed with big announcement of Bad Boy Furniture opening store in October 2
014. Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Summer Networking Bash at Atlantis ( Ontario Place)

 Interview with Promod Sharma on Rethinking the art of networking.  Interviews with Lena Guirguis with Author and Speaker. Sujit Reddy on his book. Teawna Pinard interview Jim Pagiamtzis at the Summer Networking bash 2014 at Atlantis (Ontario Place)

   Video clips from J Brett Abbey Founder of Message Masters sharing at Develop Your Personal Brand 2014 at OISE Building on Aug 16th. 2 Videos from Corporate Panel featuring Jim Pagiamtzis sharing stories on networking and branding.

     Jim Pagiamtzis sharing experience driving the Panam Volunteer truck to Centennial College Morningside (at the car wash on the way back to Toronto) and finally video from amazing boat cruise on the River Gambler on Sept 1st with friends Ash Silva, James Erdt  cruising Lake Ontario. Networking, socializing and having fun!


                                               Greg Turner and Jim Pagiamtzis
                                            Blogtalk radio Interview Listen

                                                      Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on his book journey


                                          Interview with Author & Speaker Erik Swanson Listen

                                 Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Constant Contact Core Certification 2014                                      

                                          Blogtalk radio interview with Carmelia Ray Speaker  & Author





  Jim Pagiamtzis sharing message on Summer Networking Bash 2014


























        Ash Silva, Jim Pagimtzis and James Erdt on the River Gambler on Lake Ontario Sept1st  

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