Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Journey to Frosh week at University of Toronto (St. George Campus) with Panam Games

          It was an amazing evening of fun at the U of  T St.George Campus. Panam Games had a booth in the middle of all the action!  We were give first class service from the students from food, drinks and comfortable chairs and lots of fun challenges to participate in.

                  Video of the festivities early in the evening
Panam Volunteer truck

U of T students sharing Toronto 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Games sign
U of T students asking questions at the Panam booth

                                                Steve McKinnon and volunteers having fun
U of T cooking up burgers
Street festival signs

The Pyramid

Ultimate fighting practice
U of T St George street getting ready for evening

U of T Students signing in the early evening

Tag team ultimate fighting at U of T St.George

Pong Toss

Yeah! booth

Wooden Jenga
Wooden jenga in action

U of T St George student having conversation

Jenga U Of T Students

The Moose with U of T Students

Panam/ Parapan Games table

                                          Faeza Islam and Elisa Abaraca having fun

Raphael Alfonso, Pamela Neblett,Steve McKinnon,Faeza Islam,Elisa Abarca and Jim Pagaimtzis

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