Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Movie Review: Flash of Genius

 Movie based on true story. Greg Kinnear shares the journey of an inventor with amazing idea that he made happen!

  The intermittent windshield wiper may seem like a automatic tool for us to use on a daily basis.

 Watch this movie and see the perspective of the inventory Dr.Robert Kearns go through is at some point inspiring and other parts tragic. He believed in his idea and made it happen. He went to court and fought one of the biggest card makers to get his idea recognized.

  His journey of persistence and determination did lead to success at the cost of ones he loved the most.

  Moral of the movie.

  Being determined, persistence and passionate are great attitudes to have, going through life will give you challenges that you must strive to get through to succeed in your goals.

"A Terrific Film" -Larry King

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