Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review: Persuasion

   It was interesting to learn about her journey of success. Below are some insight on topics from Listen. Leadership and Speaking

  Great quote below that I enjoyed

  On the art of listening she explains it this way, "I'm talking about really listening to, and trying to understand, one person at a time. When it comes to persuasion, an emotional connection is worth a hundred business cards from acquaintances who don't feel attached to you"

 Leadership using a sports analogy, "The thought leaders in any work environment almost always view business as a team sport. They know a goal isn't scored just by the centre but also by the defence and everyone who assists, Your everyday conduct, then,is the key to persuading colleagues in specific situations. If you're a team player, you imply reciprocity in everything you do-it's already part of you personal brand. That's why other people will listen and really consider what you have to say when you're seeking backing for and idea or a process.

Tips on speaking to audiences, "Remember, the goal is to build a relationship, and one way to get there is speaking in a unscripted, authentic way, where you're able to focus  on reactions, establish eye contact, and observe body language. It's a lot harder for people to drift off and start checking their Blackberrys if you're looking them in the eye, speaking with a bit of passion, and sounding like a real person who sometimes muffs a word, rather than like a business robot."

You can see Arlene Dickenson on CBC Dragons Den on Sunday and Monday.


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