Saturday, April 27, 2013

FP Reach in Toronto huge success!

 Friday April,26 2013 had finally arrived after weeks of waiting. Gary Vaynerchuk was back in Toronto.

  It was great of sharing from Steve Irvine from Facebook and various panel discussion sharing insights on social media and where its headed.
                                                            Steve Irvine from Facebook Canada sharing
                                                      Cybele Negri as panelist\
                                               Erin Bury sharing as a panelist

                                                  21 Connections as Industry Partner
                                              Jim Pagiamtzis with thumbs up for 21 Connections

                                            Gary Vaynerchuk taking question from Marc Gordon

Jim Pagiamtzis and Gary Vaynerchuk
                                               Gary Vaynerchuk playing Rocks, Paper and Scissors
                                                                 Huge thanks to Rogers

 It was memorable day of learning and networking. Great conversations with Promod Sharma, Chala Dinoy. & Paul Toby Thanks to Bonnie Chan, Tim Hodges, Marc Gordon and Mani Nagappan for attending afternoon session.

 Highlight was listen to Gary Vaynerchuk share insights on Business. Life and Success. It end on a funny note when he played Rocks, Paper and Scissors with an audience member from France and LOST! He was not happy

Thanks for wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt for the afternoon!

 Look forward to his upcoming book coming out November 26,213 Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook How to tell your story in a Noisy, Social World
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