Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ivan Misner and Jack Canfield article for upcoming book

Networked your way to  Success!

It has been interesting journey of success. It was ten years ago 2003 and I was searching for success. Had
 gone to school got jobs and was living an ordinary life. I knew  I was capable of more.
I went to google and search for networking events in Toronto and found lots of them!  Within  a year I
have found  two mentors who had significant impact in my life and I was now in a extraordinary journey
of success.

The act of participating through volunteering and partner with successful mentors who had succeeded
in business. I began to understand what I was really capable of doing not just for myself but for others I
would meet in my journey
                                                                       Persistence paid off

Through persistence and determination I began to understand more about myself and the interactions I
Had  with people daily. Realized there was  lots  of opportunity available had to be willing to accept it and
move  forward with it.

During this time I have met many incredible people from Robert Cialdini, Jack Canfield , Robert T
Kiyosaki , Blair Singer, Ruben Gonzalez, Dr. Robert Rohm and Casey  Combden . Amazing leaders who have had  major impact in my success

The ability to go out meet people shake hands and being be able learn, do and apply success principles
has  been the pattern I have been doing for many years.

Writing 3 (paid) articles for a local online library website and successfully leveraging  into numerous
speaking engagement in Toronto and the United States had drawn a lot of attention and admiration
from many of my entrepreneurial friends.

In 2011 I was part of mastermind group, Jean Guy Francouer was part of the group had written 4 books,
bought  and  sold companies for many years, was extremely impressed how I had leveraged the articles
  and e-books to get speaking and further writing opportunities on blogs etc.

                                         “ Persistence  + Practice = Results” Jim Pagiamtzis formula of success

 Being persistence and willing to practice daily and will become a result. The most important this is to
keep the momentum moving and never stop. The P-A-R system I share deals with this. Being able to
 Present yourself with the right attitude and dealing with responses will yield success.

There are three things I do daily. Read, Listen  & Associate.
1st  Read

I always enjoyed reading science fiction and murder mysteries when I was younger, just switched to
personal development books and learn from the success of others.

2nd Listen

 There are audios, webinar and podcast happening daily in all sorts of topics. Just join a few groups on
LinkedIn or sign up for couple of newsletter or just ask a friend in entrepreneurial business they can
refer you some titles.

3rd Associate

There are some many mentors and leaders available that you can learn from. You have be teachable and
coachable  to learn. Along your journey your mentor s and leaders may change, you will make new
 associations  through  networking and being part of business

You do these three things over and over you will be evolve in become a better you and have the
 Opportunity  to empower and inspire thousands in your journey of success.

Fast forward to today and I am living a extra-ordinary life of business, life and success.
teaching, writing and empower myself and others that they  too can have an extra-ordinary life!

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