Monday, September 25, 2017

TV Show Review: Star Trek Discovery (2017)


        Jim Pagiamtzis Review:

    It has been excited to learn that Star Trek Discovery was being filmed at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. since last year.

      The sad part was watching the 2 hour show and feeling extremely disappointed at the storyline, bad acting and premise of the film.

       They rush right in the action with very little backstory and when they did explain it very poorly done. Nothing against having 2 female leads, in this situate it didn't work!  It was like watching a  stupid cat fight.  Even during the second hour it got worse trying to explain the villains reasons was still very sketchy.

        Gene Rodenberry wouldn't be happy.

         1 of 10

           TV Show plot: Star Trek Discovery takes place 10 years before James T Kirk crew go their voyage



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