Friday, September 29, 2017

Journey to meeting Director/ Author Guillermo Del Toro

              Wednesday Sept 27th

              It was going to be great moment to meet Guillermo Del Toro again!

            Quick back story.

            In October 2016 I had the great experience to be on set of Shape of Water in Hamilton and Scarborough playing at 1960's Ad man. It was great to see iconic director in action for two days!

           Fast forward to Sept 2017

          Shape of Water premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in Sept 7-17 and will be released in theatres in December 2017

             The Art Gallery of Ontario had a book signing for Guillermo Del Toro new book at home with Monster and new exhibit.

              I lined up at 3:30pm and patiently waited to meet him. I didnt get in until 8:00pm!

            Huge thanks to John who I met in line for the great conversation and get me some water :)

            John was retired and did work in the music industry. He had worked for the Obama administarion for 7 years in Washington,DC in the education sector.

                   I finally  go the moment to meet Guillermo Del Toro and hi brought few pictures of  dressed in 1960's man

              He said "oh yeah that was in Hamilton!"

            I said" yes it was and it was great experience to see you in action for two days on set!. Would you sign them please?"

              He said "of course!"

          With that the cricle was complete. Being in the movie and getting a picture with him!



Jim Pagiamzis and John


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