Saturday, September 30, 2017

(True) Story: TTC Tales - Two interviews in one day!

          Thursday Sept 28th

           I had two interview to attend.

      1st   Airport Road (across the airport) at 10:00am
      2nd   Arrow Road and Sheppard at 1:00pm

  I started my journey at Christe Station at 8:30am and headed west to Kipling Station. I took an express bus to Jetliner road and Airport and arrived at 9:35am. Then I walked/ ran for 15 minutes north (there were sidewalks) to my interview. Had time to relax catch my breath and prepare.

 The interview went very well (will find out Monday Oct 2).

  It was 11:00am and headed back to catch the bus south back to Kipling station to got back to the subway. The plan was to back east across the bloor line to St.George then get off at St. George and go North to Sheppard West Station (formerly Downsview)

   The first bus that came to the bus at Jetliner and Airport said Lawrence West station. So I got on for the long ride there. It was very busy with lots of pit stops of people getting on and off wth strollers, wheelcharis.

  We finally reaching Lawrence Station and it was 5 minute wait for the short subway ride to Sheppard West Station.. I reached the station at 12:00pm. The normal bus that I have taken in the past was not in service until later in the day. So I took a bus to Jane and Sheppart (took a transfer) then the 99 Bus from Jane that went up to Arrow Road. I got the front steps of the building at 12:35Pm

 Had time to prepare and get ready

    The interview came just after 1:00pm. We were done in less the half an hour.

    While I was waiting for the bus to go south back to Sheppard Ave. Two ladies mention that the bus doesn't come down until later. So I walked about 20 minutes south to Sheppard ave and took the bus across to Sheppard to Sheppard West station and subway across west to Christie

  I got back at 2:30pm

    It was long day with a few logistics challenges but the TTC came through.  The better way as the best way today!  Thank you!



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