Friday, September 29, 2017

Journey to having awesome conversaiton with Journeyman (Patrick Bizindavyi)

            Wednesday Sept 27th

               It was a beautiful day in Toronto and I had the exciting experience to connect with Patrcik Bizindayvi  Speaker, Author, Blogger. He has joined me in my journey of evolving speaker and author since 2011.

     We were part of an amazing mastermind group in 2011 with  Courtney Carrol, Justin McMakin, Chris Van der hoff and Jean Guy Francouer

         Have stayed connected since then and both our journey's have grown and evolved since them.

         We do have something in common that we make effort at least one a year to do

          Ice Cappucionos at Tim Horton's!

        Check out the Journeymans blog Learn more      

Rogers Centre and CN Tower

Jim Pagiamtzis and Patrick Bizindavyi

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