Saturday, April 1, 2017

Journey to getting to a meeting on March 30th

          I had a meeting at 2:00pm on March 30th at 230 Signet Drive

           So I went to Google Maps to plot my trip. (I always do!)

        I left my place around 12:15pm to give me some flex time to get there little early and prepare.

          It began with trip on the Bloor line (Line2)  to St. George station (Line 1) North to Wilson Station where I would take a bus West for 30 minute ride to my destination.

            The journey got little crazy when I got to Wilson station and took the wrong bus going east to York Mills Station. When I got to the station I spoke to the drive and he said "you went to the wrong level, everyone does it!"  so I made a call to my contact to tell her of the situation and it went straight to voice mail. It was about 1:09pm.

         So I took the same bus back to Wilson station and went to the Upper level and took the correct bus west.  We got about 10 minutes from the station and the bus stopped and drive announced."can everyone skip over the bus infront please"

         So we all shift to the other bus. We continued the journey. I reached the corner of Weston and Ormont at excatly 2:00pm!

           Then I ran the long block and reached the front door at 2:05pm. I spoke to the contact and he said "I didn't know you were coming!"  wow so I was early!

            The meeting went well and descended back to the bus stop back to the city.

      About 15 minutes later I get a call from my contact and she says 'they made a quick decision your hired! You start on monday!

           I went back to Wilson Station and treated myself to Mr. Big and Kickstart drink

     Moral of the Story: You may be late and but the universe has your back and being early is what was needed.

Jim Pagiamtzis at Wilson Station

Celebration Mr. Big and Kickstart drink

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