Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: Strategic Acceleration

  Jim Pagiamtzis review:
  "  Strategic Accelearation provides strategies, insights and structure on how to create strategic success in your business"

 Book insights

 In today’s ultra-competitive, breakneck world, getting superior results at the fastest rate possible is critical to success. But the hectic speed of life can make it easy to become sidetracked by things that cloud our sense of priority, making us less effective. Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life presents a methodology that will help you get clear, stay focused, and efficiently execute relevant, high-value activities that bring you the results and success you want—faster.
Tony Jeary’s Strategic Acceleration method resulted from his obsession with studying distinctions that characterize top-performing high-achievers and organizations. From his study, Tony discovered and proved that the foundational characteristic of great performers was their ability to communicate their vision clearly and to perfectly translate their vision into action. Tony labels this distinction Communication Mastery, and it is the basis for his Strategic Acceleration Process. Whether you are a manager, an executive, an entrepreneur, a business developer, a sales team member, a management group, an organization, or anything in between, Strategic Acceleration is guaranteed to help you achieve what you want, when you want it.
The Strategic Acceleration approach is based on three pivotal concepts:
1. Clarity:
• Understand your targets and the “why” behind reaching them;
2. Focus:
• Concentrate on what really matters and filter out what does not;
3. Execution:
• Use effective communication to get things accomplished—faster!
Strategic Acceleration will help you develop a clear vision, outline priorities and objectives, and tackle goals with a true sense of urgency and focus. Once understood and deployed, Strategic Acceleration is sure to have a powerful, long-term, positive influence on the results and success that so many want yet rarely know how to achieve.
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