Saturday, April 8, 2017

Book Review: Groomology


       Jim Pagiamtzis review

       "Whether you are single and in the process of preparing for the big day, Groomology provides insights from preparation and attitude to take towards working with you fiance to make it a successful day!"  

            About book

What Every Smart Groom Needs to Know

The ring's on her finger, her to-do list is growing, and her mood is frantic. What's a groom to do? Let Groomology show him how becoming a partner in the wedding process can make the whole event more enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable. Time and time again, soon-to-be husbands only tackle what the bride-to-be has told them to do. Groomology outlines these traditional groom's duties but goes a step further to instruct grooms in the art of getting involved.

Grooms Will Learn The Best Strategies For A Happy Bride, Including:

  • Being Sensitive To the Bride's Needs and Worries

  • Taking Over Tasks the Bride Doesn't Want

  • Understanding How Much Work Goes Into It All

  • Reducing Her Stress

  • Giving an Opinion

  • Letting Go of an Opinion

  • Being Creative

  • The One Thing He Needs to Do

  • The Benefit of Venting

  • When Doing More Is Less

Complete with helpful resources, a guide to bridal party responsibilities and etiquette, tips on hiring vendors, wedding statistics, and more, Groomology is sure to keep couples happy throughout the tricky planning process.

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