Friday, April 14, 2017

Book Review: Loyalty Leap


      Jim Pagiamtzis review:
              " Loyalty Leap is a powerful read with insights on the power of loyalty on how it can be used. Bryan Pearson shares case studies on how companies can effective use loyalty to build their brand."


                         Most consumers don't trust companies as much as they used to. So how has Bryan Pearson convinced 99.99 percent of his ten million customers in LoyaltyOne’s AIR MILES Rewards Program to willingly share their personal information?

Pearson shows readers how to build the unwavering consumer loyalty needed for long-term relationships and how to do so without infringing on the privacy of their consumers.
The Loyalty Leap arrives at a crucial time, illuminating the best practices for responsibly selecting, collecting, and employing customer data—the raw material of today's marketing industry.

Supplemented with compelling corporate stories and the results from an extensive 2011 consumer survey, it provides a snapshot of consumer attitudes about privacy and the use of personal information for marketing and business purposes.

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