Sunday, April 30, 2017

21 Connections May 1st edition. Book and Event reviews. Hip Hop directorial debut and Summer Series Patio Power 2017 launched!

"Learn, Speak and Social leads to monetize!" Jim Pagiamtzis
May 2017    Learn, Speak and Socialize leads to Monetize
 21 Connections will be providing you with awesome events  Learn. Speak & Socialize and grow you business and connections!


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Reviver gathering in Mississauga
Reviver meeting

Reviver is a ranch that will be created for at risk youth in the Brampton area. more details soon.. 
Event Review: Swift Networking at Posh Supperclub in Yorkville

It was great evening to share the stage with Randal Mitchel and Andrew Critelli 
Event Review: Public Speakers Association. Toronto Chapter

Atul Mehra shared insights on his new book. 
Patio Power Summer Series 2017
Event Review: Patio Power Summer Series 2017 at East of Brunswick

 Patio Power Summer Series 2017  

Book Review: Strategic Acceleration 
In today's ultra-competitive, breakneck world, getting superior results at the fastest rate possible is critical to success. But the hectic speed of life can make it easy to become sidetracked by things that cloud our sense of priority, making us less effective. Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life presents a methodology that will help you get clear, stay focused, and efficiently execute relevant, high-value activities that bring you the results and success you want-faster.

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Jim Pagiamtzis as Bill Oreilly in Hip Hop is dead

Video coming soon.. 
In  my co-directing debut I will be sharing video Hip Hop is dead very soon..

I play Bill O"Reilly in it!

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