Friday, November 20, 2015

The Engagement Specialists meet Chester Elton & Jim Pagiamtzis

        It was a great day of learning, sharing and socializing at the The Art of Leadership recently. It wasn't until Chester Elston took the stage that things go really interesting!

      I was Speaker and Author  Sujit Reddy when Chester Elton got introduced and went on stage with a bunch of props. I asked Sujit "what do you think he is going to do with all those props?" Sujit says " I guess were going to find out soon!".

     He began he talk and he started to throw carrots and wrist bands into the audience. (He was asking questions regarding his talk)

          At one point an attendee was invited on stage to share insight on how he show love and affection to his wife. It was very interested moment (you had to be there!)

      Near the end he started throwing frisbees!  One to rigt side the other to the middle and then to his left, it land just 20 feet from where I was sitting, I got up and started walking because no one else was going after it, as I got closer few other people started to get up so I ran and picked it up and went back to my seat Sujit says "Way to go!"

     During the networking break Speakers Vince Molinaro and Chester Elton were signing their books. I asked Sujit " Do think he would sign the frisbee?  he respond "did we write co-write a book called Power of Ask! get in line and find out!" I said "Yes sir! and ran"

  I waited in line and saw everyone else had books and I had a orange frisbee! I had to come up with a way to engage him. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, my new card says "Your Engagement Specialist"                                                

   As I near him I got my card ready and the frisbee under my arm. I reached over and shook his hand and told him "You  are the #1 Engagement specialist today!"  Would you sign the frisbee? He said "Sure" and then we took a picture together!

 Moral of the story: Run and take action because you never know it may lead to autograph and memorable photo.

Check out photos from event Click here

The orange frisbee


Jim Pagiamtzis sharing new 21 connections card with Chester Elton

Chester Elton and Jim Pagiamtzis

signed frisbee by Chester Elton

                                        Photo from The Art of Photographer


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