Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Event Review: The Art of Leadership

      It was an amazing day of learning, sharing and socializing, Check out the illustration below by Carolyn Ellis founder of Brilliance Mastery

       Next event; The Art of Sales on January 26th ,2016
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      Ron Tite post event article Read more
Author Speaker Chester Elton and Jim Pagiamtzis

Chester Elton sharing about his books

Michael Gray sharing on Movember cause

Captain Phillips sharing about his adventure on the high seas in April 2011

Dr Vince Molinaro talk illustrated by Carolyn Ellis

Chester Elton talk illustrated by Carolyn Ellis

Amy Cuddy presentation illustrated by Carolyn Ellis
Executive Panel illustration by Carolyn Ellis

Captain Phillips talk illustrated by Carolyn Ellis

John Mackey illustration by Carolyn Ellis

Weology theme illustratred by Carolyn Ellis

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