Monday, November 23, 2015

Event Review: SociaLIGHT Conference in Toronto Nov 21st and 22nd #SLT15 #disruptioninthemaking #socialightconference

     It was an awesome two days of learning, sharing and socializing in Toronto.

       Learning, Sharing and Socializing the best entrepreneurs and leaders!

     Excited about 2016
   SociaLIGHT Conference Learn more
           Awesome Testimonial
           "Great work with your posts. I like all the pictures versus reading. You told the story with click!" Justin McMakin




volunteers getting name tags ready!

Volunteers getting swag bags ready!

Jim Pagiamtzis excited about SociaLIGHT

Dan Lok and Sujit Reddy
From Left to right Jerry Cabral, Olga Lapina, Rady Soltani (back) Sujit Reddy, Jim Pagiamtzis and Celestina

Jim Pagiamtzis and Dan Lok
Jairek Robbins and Olga Lapina

Jim Pagiamtzis , Claudian Harvey and Daniel Bax

Jim Pagiamtzis and Justin McMakin

Jairek Robbins and Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamzis dancing with Daybreakers

     Sunday Nov 22nd  And now What!

Think and Grow Rich information

Social Movement

Business Cards

Ashkan Mirnabavi, Denise Zhang, Hal Elrod (middle) Maria Diaz and Jim Pagiamtzis

Volunteers and Leaders given recognition

Justin McMakingand Jim Pagiamtzis having fun

Theresa Laurica listening to Rakesh Mishra sharing his story on book Think and Grow Rich book

Rakesh Mishra and Jim Pagiamtzis


SociaLIGHT banner

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  1. Super Awesome Event...I am Inspired to Create a SociaLight Project in 2016.