Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review: Confessions of a Dad


Young people today have far less financial knowledge than any other generation that has come before them. The schools don’t teach it, the media doesn’t teach it, and if you’re like the majority of parents out there today, you haven’t done a very good job of teaching them yourself. To make matters worse, our youth are some of the primary targets of the ever-present advertising industry.

If you don’t want your kids to come running to you to get them out of financial trouble, if you want them to be able to take care of their own money, if you want to make sure that their children are ready to go out into the world on their own, then this is the book for you – and it’s the only book that you’ll ever need to buy on the subject.
" Confessions of Dad provides the strategies, tips and insight for you to understand that money is tool that children and adults should learn and understand how it can be made and used in our journey" Jim Pagiamtzis

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Author Azhar Laher and Jim Pagiamtzis

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