Saturday, November 14, 2015

Event Review: SociaLIGHT Party at Music Lyrics Bar in Yorkville on Thursday Nov 12,2015

            It was an amazing evening of celebration for all the promoter and affiliates for the upcoming SociaLIGHT conference on November 21st and 22nd in Toronto

             Awesome evening of sharing, learning and networking!  Leaders from various fields sharing the contacts and looking forward to the big event!

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Jim Pagiamtzis and the SociaLIGHT banner

Jim Pagiamzis and Marcos Mendoza

Jim Pagiamzis , Marcos Mendoza and Theresa Laurico

Mark Latimer and Jim Pagiamtzis

SociaLIGHT ice cream cake

Marcos Mendoza , Theresa Lauricao and fiends cutting the SociaLIGHT cake

SociaLIGHT leaders

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