Saturday, December 6, 2014

Technology will fail you: Pixar movie almost lost

The is recent story shared by Linda Hill at The art of leadership event in Toronto in November 26,2014 at the Metro Convention Centre.

  It turns out that Toy Story 2 was the movie the almost was not made, as you may be aware the the entire movie is made digitally with voice overs by actors.

 As the movie as close to being finished, something happened to the digital back ups of the movie and they were lost. Imagine going to Steve Jobs (at that time) and telling him the bad news!

 It was not happy times at Pixar. All that work all gone!

 As it turns out it was not all lost. An email and communication has been sent out regarding the situation. and would you know it. the movie was found!

 Turns out there was lady working on the movie form home while she as on maternity leave. They had bought here a $90,000 computer for her to do work on the film (I know what your saying that much for computer).

She ends up telling them she has back out and they are free to come and get it if they want.

So when you watch the end credits of Toy Story next time, they list all babies born during the movie. (little move secret to have fun with your friends)

Moral of the story: Technology will fail, do you have a back up!

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