Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book Review: The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters


  "This book is a must read to truly understand and implement strategies on becoming a master presenter in the 21st Century" Jim Pagiamtzis
Become a Master Presenters
Over six billion dollars is spent on training and presentations in North America every year.  Many of these presentations are poorly designed, poorly delivered, and poorly received. However, with an exquisitely designed and masterfully delivered presentation, the audience is moved to see the world differently than they ever saw it before and inspired to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The emphasis in The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters is on the development and practical application of presentation strategies and skills. These same skills and techniques can help the reader become a more effective presenter whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand or more.

This book is designed to be highly interactive. It contains many exercises; each one carefully constructed, to help the reader develop and enhance their content, delivery and presentation style. The reader will learn how to make their presentations more memorable, actionable, and transferable to the workplace so that the presentation has both an immediate and a lasting impact. The reader will also learn how to obtain salient feedback so they absolutely know what is working and what needs to be improved.
The Seven Strategies are:
       Strategy 1: Know Thy Audience 
       Strategy 2: Prepare Outstanding Content
       Strategy 3: Use Superior Organization
       Strategy 4: Develop Dynamic Delivery
       Strategy 5: Make It Memorable, Actionable and Transferable
       Strategy 6: Manage Yourself, Difficult Readers and Difficult    Situations
       Strategy 7: Total Quality Improvement

Interviews with Master Presenters from across North America are used to illustrate each of the strategies and bring them to life.
Whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand, this will help you become a Master. 
Dr. Brad McRae and David Brooks have written a definitive guide for 21st Century speakers. This book will serve as an invaluable reference for those who wish to understand the techniques, methods, and strategies that enable today’s orators to be effective when speaking to today’s increasingly impatient listeners. 

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