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Coachtactics December 2014 Newsletter

December 4, 2014

The rejected Xmas card caricature for the Flajniks in 2014
Yes, it's that time of year again when I ask my favorite artists over at Fiverr to come up with a cutesy Holiday card caricature for both the biz and the fam. The results are admittedly sometimes hilarious but oh well, I roll with it.

How are you prepping for the holidays this year?

Wishing you and your brand a rocking week!

  5 Ways I Can Tell That You're NOT Serious About Your Business
Why do 80% of businesses fail in 5 years? What makes the difference between struggling and thriving in a business? I ask myself these questions as I stroll from one networking event to another while I meet hundreds of businesses a year.
Here is my answer as the 5 signs that you're oh-so-not-serious-about your small business.

1. You Haven't Made Much Money In It For Years
If you have always made around what's considered welfare level of income (in Canada I think it's around $20K/year) and that's ok with you, I don't think you're serious about your business. It also tells me that the fact that this has been going on for years without you doing something to change it speaks even louder about your passion for your business.

2. You Prioritize Everything Else
When everything else comes first and your clients come last, they can feel it. When your family, your sick cat, your day job, your new certification program or your travels come before building your business, you are essentially a hobbyist playing at owning a part-time interest. Coming from someone who moon lighted for 7 years in my last corporate job, I can tell you that once I got serious about my business, I simply left my day job.

3. You Don't Have A Strategy
If every year you're trying a new marketing gimmick you dreamed up, if you're copying your competitors to see what things they're doing to get new clients, if you are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see which niche sticks, then you don't truly have a strategy and that's the biggest sign to me that you are not serious about your business.

4. You Have A Free Email Account
I can't tell you how many times I see this. If you're serious about your business, you usually get a website AND an email associated with that website. If you're still operating your business on free mail, it tells me that you are not even serious enough to spend $19 per year to legitimize it with an email account.

Upcoming Events:

I'll Be Speaking at The 2014 Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention

Meet the Motivators
 (Motivators Track)
Money Mindset: Why Your Childhood Is Running Your Business

In each of these two fast-paced, inspirational sessions, four of your successful professional speaking colleagues will deliver twelve minutes of their best motivational messages.
The featured speakers for these sessions are Paula Morand, Stephanie Staples, CSP, Barry Lewis Green, Cate Collins, Dale Choquette and Chala Dincoy.
Find inspiration in their stories and see excellence in action.


Date and Time:
Part 1: Monday, 11 am - 12 noon
Part 2: Monday, 2.15 pm - 3.15 pm
Location: Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites
Cost: $895   
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Introducing The Coachtactics Business Breakthrough Take Home Self-Study Program

If you've been wondering how to grow your business or you've just started your venture and are clueless about how to get clients, you need help. Marketing help to be exact. I created this special program just for you, the start up.

The Program consists of a multimedia training using audio, text and templates that include:
-How to find your ideal client
-How to package your services/products for that ideal client
-What to say to your ideal client to attract them both in person and online
-Where to find them
-How to talk to them to close the sale
In addition, the Program Offers:
*Unlimited email support
*A copy of my 2 DVD Set: Rocketfuel Your Marketing
*A copy of my book Gentle Marketing: How To Gently Attract Loads Of New Customers!
*A Clientometer kit: my own invention to increase your sales
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 Need A Speaker?
Looking to Liven Up Your Conference or Meeting?

I was born to speak! If you want a humorous twist to helping your audience members rocket fuel their marketing, then contact me about speaking at your next event.

Coachtactics Small Business Marketing Speaker Reel
Coachtactics Small Business Marketing Speaker Reel
Watch my Speaker's Reel

Why You Are Not Getting Clients From Social Media
Why You Are Not Getting Clients From Social Media
Watch me speak about how a missing biz strategy is your real problem

How To Pick Your Brand Name
How To Pick Your Brand Name
Watch me speak about how simple English words make the best brand names

David Newman and I having and 'interrogation'

Listen to my friend David Newman interview me about niching in an educational series called CAPS Smart Start 100


See My Interview on RogersTV

Listen as David Wocjik and I do an interview on his show InBusiness on Rogers TV.

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