Sunday, December 7, 2014

Technology wil fail you: The projector didn't work

 At a recent event held on November 25th on Building Your Own Marketing Toolkit created by Vito Marchese from Whiteboard Studios and Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact.

  I ask to promote the market the event as promotional partner and had a booth for Public Speakers Association: Toronto (Director)

        As we were setting up everything for the speakers before the event. I had plugged in the projector to my laptops and it became evident that the screen was very fuzzy. Sarah Zeldman one of the speakers mention that the project was nearing the end of its life and that she had her projector with her and we could use it. (smart speaker always come prepared). She pulls out it out and it was BenQ projector, I had the same one,g ave her high five for that!

     We plugging it in and it was perfect :)

   Had arrived early to set up our booth for the afternoon. When I got there Vito Marchese advised me that one of speaker was coming that day and we would have three speaker sharing. He than asked "Do you want to be master of ceremonies today?" without hesitation I said "Sure!"

Mic Master Jim Pagiamtzis at Building Your Own Marketing Toolkit

       I quickly got all the bio's of all speakers and was ready to go!

       The event was huge success and Vito Marchese was very appreciate and happy of my abilities to assist.

   Moral of the story: When technology does go wrong are you ready for the opportunity to speak and have the resources ready.


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