Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journey to Night Rider

            I was going to event at Corus Entertainment at 25 Dockside Dr on evening of Dec 15.2014 and I decided to cycle there.  See link route                                           

         The decision was made and journey was to begin! As it neared 5pm I began to prepare for the journey. I had to be there by 6pm. Which I figured I had enough time allocated to make it.

    I had my all the necessary lights on my bike rear red reflector, head stealth helmet and two bags.

    It had started to get so I started my journey from Dundas Street West and Roncevalles. (famous corner where Hairspray was filmed featuring John Travolta in drag) and cycled eastbound across Dundas Street West to Dufferin Street where I head south toward the Martin Goodman Trail. It was nice smooth ride as I headed the near underpass where the bright lights were blinding  near Queen Street.

  Continued my trek south toward the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition and passed through the large arch and proceeded to go west and get on to the Martin Goodman Trail. I had to wait for while to cross the Lakeshore Avenue and eight lanes of traffic!

   I finally got on the trail and it got really really dark fast! It was the first time cycling on the trail and it felt very creepy. I had my headlight which was great and my rear red light. I began to follow the path and was very familiar with it, I did have to make some interesting choice would make a trip little longer. 

There some funny sights I saw, lots of joggers running the path with red flickering light on their arms, people walking their dogs with lights flashing around their necks (I thought that was funny and safe to do!)

   As I continued to ride along the trail I enjoyed the sights of downtown Toronto, looking at the CN Tower and condominium covered by cloud cover and light fog that cover the city. As I neared Lower Simcoe Street I started to realize how my journey was about to get very interesting!

  There was a new streetcar track and road work being completed from this point all the way until Bay Street. I was aware of this from previous trips during the day, but a night it was an entire new experience!

  I had to be observant of signs of where to go, pedestrians, car and streetcars. I had to go on either the north side of the street and then the south side of the street and very low speed.I figure I had still had to make the event ( I hoped). My phone was in my bag and I didn't feel like stopping to find out the time. Luckily I did see some clocks along the way and it look like I was on good time.

   Toronto is a great city and our people are awesome. I hit my bell and said "Thank you many times" to fellow pedestrians along the route.
   I finally reach Bay and Queen Quay and the open cycling road. It seemed still very dark even though there was lighting.

   I passed by Captain Johns boat and the amazing sugar factory and finally reached 25 Dockside Drive and Corus Entertainment.  I walk through the door at exactly 6:00pm!

   The evening event was a huge success. There were great speeches by special guest and feature performance by Latin and Mississauga native Fito Blanko (check out some pictures below)




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