Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jim Pagiamtzis directing his own Summermentry

   Summermentry is done. Below are amazing videos Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on book, events and interviewing amazing people.Enjoy!

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis introducing his Summer documentary

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis asking Are you reading?  June 21st

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis asking Are you in Style June 17th

                                     Jim Pagiamtzis and Cash Flow game at Canadian Jamaican Association event

                                                Patrick Bizindavyi sharing Patio Power invitation on July 9th
                                              at Chalkers Pub 234 Marlee Avenue 7-9 pm

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis sharing 3 tips on LinkedIn

                                          Harlem Shake in Toronto May 15th at Metro Convention Centre

                                             Jim Pagiamtzis shares at 100 day Camaraderie Coworking

                                             Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Babtunde Saluatade Author

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis sharing about 5 events in a week

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis sharing information on Constant Contact

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis talking about Celebrate Diversity

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis announces Blog Talk Radio Show

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis shares Patio Power July 9th

                                              Lawrence Beesley sharing Patio Power Newmarket

                                              Dr. George Grant sharing MVP

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Patio Power Newmarket

                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis Angus Glen Parking lot

                                                Jim Pagiamtzis at Golf range near Angus Glen                                             
                                    Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Matt Green at Camaraderie Coworking

                                                     Patrick Bizindavyi sharing at Patio Power

                                           Bonnie Chan sharing at Patio Power event

                                              Colleen Lindberg sharing Patio Power
                                                    Daniel Bax sharing at Patio Power

                                                Jennifer Beale sharing at Patio Power

                                                      Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Patio Power

                                                  Are you excited about summer 2013
                                                                   Are you a connector?
                                                Jim Pagiamtzis sharing the follow system
                                                Rania Effat sharing her blogging success
                                             Jim Pagiamtzis sharing cycling adventure

                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis at Ashbridges Bay

                                                Jim Pagaimtzis sharing Summer Bash
                                               Are you swapping?

                                               Are you make it happen!

                                                  What's Your personality?

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis explaining the Social Media Made Simple Challenge!

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing information on Summer Bash 2013

                                                         Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Coffee News

                                            Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Are you Crush it!

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on Summermentry 2013

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