Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amazing experience at Paramount Fine Foods in Hamilton,ONT

        It was an awesome experience to check out Paramount Fine Foods in Hamilton,ONT on Monday Sept 23rd.  I was in Hamilton for the evening and had invited entrepreneur Salma Burney Founder of Virtual Girl to join me for dinner.

  We were greeted by "Hello and how are you?" when we entered the restaurant by not one but two of the servers ( began to remind me of my working days years ago at Blockbuster video).

  They explained to use that we choose from the menu (lots of choices) and they would bring the food to us!  ( I was impressed). At the table they had some cool looking bread for us and we had a great conversation on business, life and success while we waited.  The food showed up and it was amazing!

  The owner Ahmed came by couple of times and ask us if we were enjoying our dinner. When we completed it they came to us and gave us a desert "on house" (see picture below)and also a taste of some Turkish coffee.

   When I returned to my hotel I tweeted out the picture and said in the tweet "Had my first dining experience at in Hamilton. Great customer service and desert on the house!




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