Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Heart Truth Campaign event at the King Blue celebrating TIFF 2013

 It was an awesome afternoon to be part of the TIFF action in Toronto.

 Enza Ruscillo is the Manager ,Community and Ethnic Engagement. The Heart Truth Campaign which raises awareness that heart disease and stroke is the #1 leading cause of death in women

The red dresses were worn by the two stars at the Red Dress Gala during Fashion Week.  Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons participated in the fashion show and she came to our gifting lounge to take pics with the red dress she wore in the fashion show

                                                   Elisha Cuthbert and Shannon Tweed dresses
                                                             Guest and Enza Ruscillo
                                                              Cast of New Degrassi
                                                             Volunteer for the day
                                                               Shannon Tweed and Enza Ruscillo
                                              Jim Pagiatmzis & Enza Ruscillo and volunteers
Jim Pagiamtzis at Media Wall

The ladies posing the King Blue hallway
                                                            Ladies in the King Blue Hallway

                                                               Founders of Mark Belford Couture\
                                                                              Learn more

                                                             Enza Ruscillo and Cheryl Hickey

                                                        Tracy Moore and Ezna Ruscillo talking

                                                       Jim Pagiamtzis at the Bite Bar enjoying the food

 To learn more about Heart and Stroke Foundation
 Learn more

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