Friday, March 30, 2012

Spotlight: Karen Shane

  1. Why GO TO a Certified Professional Resume Writer?

A CPRW - Certified Professional Resume Writer is recognized by the PARW/CC – Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches: . CPRW’s meet standards as set forth by the Executive Directors and the industry certifying board. Karen Shane passed this examination year ago and keeps up to date with current trends in the employment marketplace.

You go to a qualified dentist when you have work done. You should seek the help of a certified resume writer who has passed exams and who writes professional resumes daily from start to finish.  Karen Shane also received the Certified Resume Strategist certificate from Career Professionals of Canada (CRS)

5 Reasons why you should choose a CPRW or CRS:

  1. You will reduce your time looking for work.
  2. Each week you try to use your self-written resume, you can lose an average of $600+ weekly because you chose not to invest in yourself.
  3. Compared with a typed up resume, the professional resume (rich with key words and phrases) will get noticed.
  4. Headings in a resume change every few years and resume writing changes approximately every two years, so someone who creates their resume as they did in the 1990s won't stand a good chance of landing an interview now.
  5. You are competing against others who choose a CPRW or CRS.

Start your future today by getting your resume and cover letter re-written professionally. The resume will have all the necessary keywords and buzz phrases that will get your resume screened and selected in database searches.

3 Ways new immigrants will benefit after ordering from a CPRW or CRS:

  1. Gain the advantage to blend into the Canadian local, national or international marketplace faster with a resume that demonstrates your skill set the North American way.
  2. Earn a decent salary faster instead of submitting a basic general resume that says I did this, I did that, hoping to cover about 10 industries in case an employer notices you. It won’t give you more chances to land a job
  3. Canadian immigrants are well educated and will reap the rewards with a resume that is focused and well presented.  Many countries have different expectations. I know what employers need to see in a resume and in a cover letter.

Contact me and discover how you also can become successful and land a great employment opportunity really soon!

Karen Shane's Bio:

Karen has customized resumes and cover letters since 1994. She holds a dual certification in professional resume writing: the CPRW from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and the CRS from the Career Professionals of Canada, and a Bachelor of Arts degree and Medical Office Administration diploma. Karen is at the helm of a group of certified expert resume writers in Canada. She is published in several resume and cover textbooks. Karen writes for local employment newspapers as an occasional writer. The majority of her work is spent on writing professional resumes and cover letters for many job seekers. To date, she has written 1000s of resume projects.

For more information please email or call the office at 416-226-0460 or: 855-226-0460. Check out the following websites to read testimonials:, under Business Writing and Resumes and Award Winning Resumes: and .

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