Monday, March 26, 2012

Power of Social Media is alive and well!

Having content to describe what you do has great affect on potential clients searching for you on topics that they may require for their business development.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to sharing experience for work, business and projects you have completed. 

On March 16 I got an email from a connection from LinkedIn which said “I am reaching out to you as I am currently working on a research project for an investment client of ours who would like to better understand the email marketing space. Based on your background and expertise in this industry, I thought you would be a great additional contact to speak with our client over the phone, possibly in a brief and independent, but well-paid, consulting capacity.”
It was interesting paragraph to read a few times, I literally said “now that getting connected make wealth online style!”
Few days later I email back after getting some technical issues cleared with social media company that I do speaking for and was cleared to progress with this offer.

Contract was signed and amount was entered and approved and looking forward to sharing insights and experience with this new client.

Moral of the story- have content that explains what you do and you will connections “reaching out” to you to pay for the valuable knowledge you have learned and apply daily in your business and professional career.

Get Connected Make Wealth Works!

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