Monday, March 12, 2012

Cycling is an adventure!

Living a downtown metropolitan city cycling becomes great advantage in going to various places from the gym to meetings. Having the ability to “slice” through traffic and get to specific locations in record time.
Doing so you have more appreciation for many sights and sounds you may not really enjoy driving, being on bus or in a taxi. Ability to make different stops and enjoy a musician playing a guitar, check out store you never have visited or check out a yard sale for deals.

Contributing to the green initiative in taking a bike to work (which I have done many times) or going to short shopping trip you can make a significant impact in the environment. (At least do your part).
In the city where I live bike lanes have successfully been implement by the local government. On many mornings headed downtown there has been many bike traffic jams that I have been caught in, it’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of effective transportation it’s a great site to see.

In other areas of the world from China and Japan there a more bikes on the road then cars! We may not see that for a few years in North American local politicians have yielded to lobbyist and protesters to create friendlier commute in the downtown cores. 

Two years ago participated in 3 hours campaign for a local park to downtown city hall to raise more awareness on having more bike lanes in the city. It was peaceful and very motivating experience!


Becoming an active cyclist is great way to release calories and generate a full body workout. Pacing yourself for an enjoyable and physical ride is important in creating long term stamina for endurance. Lance Armstrong competed and won multiple Tour de France’s cycling championships in the last ten years. You can take the energy and determination and apply it for yourself and have more active lifestyle.


It’s important to have the correct equipment from correct helmet to specific lights and reflector for your bike. Have a spring tune-up is extremely important in lubricating your chain and make sure bike is operating and working correctly. Brakes, shocks and gears are important mechanism that work together to have smooth and safe ride.

Sight -seeing adventures

Living in metropolitan city for many years and have always marveled that there a certain places that have not visited or been to. There are fantastic business along the lakeshore and certain waterfront districts that have unique business from chocolate, arts and crafts and studio space that have been converted to galleries.

Pictures & Videos
Take along your camera and create great memories and experience of your adventures as you cycle past great statues, parks even meet celebrities!  You can create great online gallery to post and share with your social networks of the adventures you have been on. Inspiring and empowering others can be done with a few clicks of the camera and computer does the rest.

Sight -seeing adventures

Have been too many meetings and event in the city and being on bike has made it easy to get there  finds a spot to lock my bike and attend the meeting, many times being early has made big difference in being more impactful in networking, getting comfortable and sharing my adventure with fellow participants. Getting everyone in good mood and looking forward to great meeting creates necessary momentum and flow to get everyone energized.

Cycling at night

Have the necessary equipment depending on the time of the day your ride, I try and avoided cycling at night. Have front and rear flashing lights and reflectors is a must. (Even glow strips on your helmet)  I have to be extremely careful of being visible and aware of other pedestrians, cars and motorcycles.

Have gone on my successful trips with friends where I enjoyed great ride and had awesome conversations about business, life and success. This was very special and memorable to great long-term friendship and  sharing a beneficial event for all.

In a recent trip we took a boat across to an island which just south of our city and went for a great group bike ride and made mini stops along the way to have a picnic and enjoyed the great weather.
At the end of the day you have contributed to being green, got great exercise and completed some daily tasks.

 Cycling in your city can lead to success in many ways, it’s your choice how you can make it impact your life.

Get Connected Make it happen!

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