Monday, March 19, 2012

E-Bike adventure in Toronto!

March 14th was a great day in Toronto and the weather was awesome! Had a meeting to attend at Sheppard and Yonge  to meet Lisa Kember (Constant Contact Regional Director) and 4 authorized Constant Contact Local Experts at Boston Pizza.

In August of 2011 had attended at Word 11 event  in Toronto (the first 24 hour blogging event)I have participated as speaker and volunteer for 20 out of the 24 hours off the event, story for another day!)
The evening event was led at the parking lot and Green Choice Motto has a sponsor of the event, had the great opportunity to have try out an electronic scooter for half-hour. It was an awesome ride zipping through the empty streets of Toronto at 2:00am!

It was such great day in Toronto decided to scooter ride to uptown Toronto. Picked up the bike at 1:30pm and George Abudan  Director and COO had stepped out for a coffee break, his mechanic and friend were there minding store. Spoke to Nelson the mechanic regarding my arrangement and he simple said “take it and will figure everything out when you get back”. I was excited (left him my driver licence and was ready for my journey of Toronto!

Got a quick lesson about the bike on how the brakes work, turn signal and of course the horn! (BEEP, BEEP)

Started at College & Spadina  and began to adventure toward Yonge and Sheppard. Had my cycling hat and bag and was on my way. Major challenge I had was had to  abide by the rules of road and not bike rules, there no time to spare,had to have mindset of a motorist.
Could not occupy bike lanes and had to stay to the  right to avoid the car traffic it took  a few minutes to get you used to it, I headed uptown and make a brief stop to get respond to  some emails and phone calls complete (life of an entrepreneur).

Started at 2:30pm and had a pre-meeting at 3:30 pm with Patrick Bizindavyi (President of Goal Achievers Canada)Will be sharing the stage with him at the  Brian Tracy next month on April 24th.

I started and headed up Bathurst street and traffic was moving well. There were  buses and cars making right turns that slowed me down a bit. It was interesting experience going full throttle going up some major hills from Bathurst and Davenport to Lawrence Avenue. I kept saying “We can do this , we can do this”, realized this wasn’t Seabiscuit
As  reached Lawrence and made a right turn and I had arrived  in bike paradise! The streets were smooth and lots of space to ride without impeding traffic. Enjoyed the great scenery and saw some great houses  for  sale.

Moved along in great time I was  actually going to be ahead of schedule, so I slowed down and enjoyed more of the scenery.  Being a car you don’t enjoy the surrounding area as much as a being on electronic bike, get the wind in your face and the ability to stop and look at great homes and retail stores. 

Reach Lawrence and Yonge and decide to head north on Yonge towards Sheppard. The electronic bike has the top speed of 50km/hr which was very impressive, at certain times  I was going downhill and the needle couldn’t go anymore may have going close to 70km/hr in some areas (didn’t see any cop cars)

There were a lot people who game me pleasant smile and one cyclist actually engaged in a conversation while I waiting for a light to change. He asked “ always wanted to ride one of the bikes, how is it?”
I responded “It’s awesome, great to do beautiful day”. We went our separate way and he game a ring from his bell, in turn I respond with my cool horn “BEEP BEEP”

As I neared   the 401 and Sheppard corridor very quickly and had be extra careful going through the Sheppard/401 corridor, there were two off ramps which came from the 401 on to the Sheppard going north bound.

I neared the Yonge and Sheppard intersection had arrived early than I thought to my destination. (moving faster that I thought!).

Continued my journey and stopped at the Esso Gas Station on the North-West side on Yonge where I waited to Patrick Bizindavyi to show up for our 3;30pm at our favourite coffee shop Tim Hortons!
Patrick turns the corner and says “What’s up Mr. Connector” (that’s what he  calls me)

I said “Doing well! What you think of my two wheeled Porche?”

Patrick  could not control his laughter “You are definitely moving up in the world!”

We continued having our discussion for 20 minutes more and then headed to my main meeting with with Lisa Kember and  Local Experts Trainers for GTA.

Moral of the story as your journey take an adventure with an e-bike and see the sights and sounds in your city.

Big thanks to Green Choice Motto who provides Green Transportation:Ecological and Economical.
Email  or call  Bakr (George) Abudan Director & COO at 647-344-7043
319 College St. Toronto,ON M5T 1S2

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