Monday, March 19, 2012

9 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Great to tips to use as your template to creating a engaging  Email Marketing campaign

1st   Understand the needs of your target audience. Give them concise, relevant information. Write in a personable, clear style.
                                Prepare effective content.
Pay particular attention to the “To”, “From”, and “Subject  lines. They should immediately convey the value of reading on.
Test your email on a segment of your audience. Their response should help you gauge such factors as the quality of your content, the readability of your layout, or the timing of your delivery. Alter you approach based on their response.
                                             Test your email.
Make sure your readers have opted in to receive your email.
                                       Get your readers’ permission
And , include a clear avenue for reads to opt-out in every email.
Give readers access to relevant and exclusive information. Be responsive to their feedback.
                                                Make it worth the read.
Reward their loyalty: include special offers or contests from time to time.
                                                       Include a call to action.
Give readers a reason to act. When readers respond to a compelling call to action, it results in increased web site traffic, greater revenue, or simply a stronger bond between them and you.
                                                Include a privacy statement
Include a link to a clear privacy statement in every email. A good privacy policy spells out the terms of your relationship with your readers and establishes a relationship of trust between you and your readers.
                                                      Make it accessible
While email designed with graphics, colour and an attractive layout can be more compelling make sure a plain-text version of your email is available. Not all email software can display complex formats

When do your readers prefer to hear from you? How often do they prefer to hear from you?
                                                  Set a consistent schedule
Try your delivery schedule on a small test group to gauge when your email is best received.
Developing an email marketing strategy-one that builds stronger relationships with your audience is a challenge.
                                                  Don’t do it alone
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