Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spotlight: Dorota Pilkowska

1st  Working in a diverse city like Toronto, how important is understand and learning how speak and networking with different people?

Being of a polish background and after living in the U.S and then coming to Canada I realized interacting with various cultures was a great opportunity to meet new people and grow my business. Currently I do a lot of networking in the Mississauga area. I like to invite friends from different cultures and business backgrounds to various networking events. It is important that people go to these events dressed for success and ready to talk about their business. I have had friends express their appreciation that they were invited and had the opportunity to participate and learn from various entrepreneurs who attended. Sharing my experiences and opportunities to network with others has led to increased business opportunities through referrals. I have even had friends refer me on my Facebook page!
2nd  What key lessons have you learned working in the Real Estate industry?

 The biggest lesson I have learned is that you must be persistent and have determination. It can be very hard in the beginning to spend a lot of time knocking on doors for weeks and months only to be rejected. If you fail, you must learn from each experience. I would tell myself “this person was not meant to be my client” and I have learned to “move on”. As time passes it becomes easier. I would make notes about what was working and I learnt that I had to prepare myself more about the area I was “farming” (a marketing term). Being prepared to answer questions and share this market information with my clients is very important. It is always important to leave my clients with a positive impression of me and what I can provide them as their agent. Providing them with professional materials such as business cards and magnetic wall calendars is a good way to remind my potential client that I am there for them when the need an agent. With this information they may call me in the future or offer me as a referral to a friend. In many cases, being persistent paid off with phone calls several months later.

Dorotal Pilkowska
Sales Representative
Coldwell Baker
Terrequity Reality Brokerage
*independently owned and operated
“expect the best”
Two awards:
Ultimate  service satisfaction with Excellence in Customer service 2010
Silver Awards Terrequity  Selling and Buying 2010

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  1. I must say Dorota has many valuable gifts in her heart and mind. I just met her on one business networking event (she's the prototype of a business, elegant, successful woman and especially known by her flashlight-lipstick!) and right after I started to receive invitations to some events but, most amazing, tips and referrals from her! And I've been experiencing the same phenomena: word of mouth, B2B/B2C referrals and endorsements from independent professionals provide great support and lead our businesses to continuously grow in a highly-competitive market, often managed or controlled by large companies or corporations.
    I have no doubt that Dorota is already trasnmitting confidence to her customers and friends (I am lucky to be one of those) and success is a word attached to her profile. Way to go Dorota. Keep doing what you do and recive my best all the time.

    Raul Suarez / Director / Profit International