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How to become Social Networking Success less 30 days!

Jim S. Pagiamtzis

3 Ways to Maximize Your Network Relationships
One door closes, but two other doors open. That’s how the saying goes; however, often, when networking, it may feel like many doors are being closed and few are opening. By using a few key strategies, you can actively ensure that so many doors are opening that you are constantly introduced to new opportunities.
By maximizing your communication with potential clients and target markets, you will open several doors and in so doing, build greater opportunities for your business and for those on your network.
1. Social Networks
LinkedIn is a great website! You can create a professional profile and take advantage of strategic features. Three that I recommend are as follows:
1. Get your profile to 100% as quickly as you can. There is a bar on the top left which indicates how close you are. Things such as adding your current status, adding previous employers, etc. will get you closer, faster.
2. Continually connect with and add people to your network. If you are out networking, shaking hands and meeting new people, you are starting the momentum to growing your connections and inviting professionals to your LinkedIn account.
3. Get recommendations from friends and previous employers. This will add credibility to your profile and add interest for your growing connections.

2. Telephone
As you meet new people and attend various events, it important to keep the connection moving forward. You can do this, for example, by placing a simple phone call and saying something such as, “Hi John, this is Jim Pagiamtzis. We met at the International networking show last week. So I recall you said you had worked in the insurance industry…”
Through this simple conversation, you did a few things including reminding him where you met and remembering what business he was in. You are also letting him know that the connection was important to you. From here you could talk about his industry and make recommendations that could assist him, such as ideas to increase his referrals.
You can touch base again and again, making a similar call, and each time solidify your ongoing relationship with the contact.

3. Email

Email is an effective communication tool for basic communication, but it can also be an effective tool for creating interest and keeping people updated.
The key is creating pro-active emails. You can discuss relevant articles you’ve read, industry news, or use the tool as a means of recognizing achievements by people in your network.
Remember it’s not only about you, but the success of everyone in your network.
Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library and spoken at various venues such as universities, Enterprise Toronto and Initiative TO. Popular topics include How to become a Networking Success and How to attract Mentors in Business Life and Achieve Success. He can be reached via email at

3 ways how to work at room effectively

Mastery of networking a room involves the ability to look at the situation in systematic way to be able to network a room effectively.

Centre of influence

No matter how big or small a room that you are networking there will always be people talking either in two's or three's or sometimes more. Inserting yourself in the conversation is all about timing and angles.

Body language

I have attended and read few books on this topic, which has been a interesting piece to the networking puzzle.

Just like the game of pool is all about angles so is how people stand an talk to each other.

There are either in open conversation or closed conversation. They are facing each other belly to belly or are in open v formation ready to accept you.


Last and most easy way to network a room is just listen where the most energy is a start there. From my experience that's usually me!

Take your time entering any environment and be smart and little strategic when going out to Get Connected make it happen

Social Networking Strategy-Communication is the key!
Many professional s are using this simple and effective website to display their resume credentials with picture and interests. Have the ability to join groups and ask questions on different topics.
You can also request referrals and request to speak to professionals in other networks via permission based email. Add people your network and grow you resources with your own social network.
Post updates , search for groups and connect with other in you network through existing connects ( with permission) Ask question to industry experts on different topics and join relative groups online.
Created your own online resume through easy to use template is great benefit you can update at your own convenience. There are also various types of online software that is available to upload presentations you have completed and search for answer by asking industry experts.
Have had the opportunity to locate previous co-workers and friends with easy to use networking addition feature.
This social function allows you to type 140 characters of information from daily interests to links and website you may be connected to. Tweeting is simple and easy to do. You can have followers or follow others on the social networking journey. Many CEO, singers and actors can be found twitting on their daily happenings.
Recently many corporations have used the Twitter to keep their customer informed on company news and product and service launches.
You can also post links to other networking sites that you have posted information for followers to learn more about you in the social networking arena.
There are many other enhancement software you can find online to increase the people you want to have follow or have following you.
This is social website has its advantages in being an "connection" website to link people with other social website you are on, from posting links of articles or blog post of interest.
Facebook has combination of resources to use. Taking approach of learning it step and step to create profile that is interested and engaging with your friends, make frequent updates and work toward building your profile.
Creating your own sub groups within the community where you can promote events to a specified inner circle of entrepreneurs and professionals.
You can add pictures of events you have attended to build you relationship with other and share what your interests. You can tie in your blog address to your profile and attach other blogs that you also read.
Promote events that you are planning to attend and share them with your group who are in the local vicinity.
The environment of friends you create will have an impact on the type of information you give and receive with you profile. Avoid playing games and participating in activities that could have potential to distract you
Connection of networks
Key goal is to combine the networks to create a strategy of interest which will lead to following.
Create interest
Share with your networks what you are doing. Do speak regularly or write articles online. Do you associate or promote people of interest who add value to people.
Promote Events
What events do you attend in your area and why. Take pictures of events and post them with brief explanation.
Create referrals
You have to create an appetite that your potential customer customers need to follow you and learn more about you. In all the above networks you can email and send message to your online professional's database. Email and ask them what they are doing and how you can assist.
Get Connected-Make it Happen
Get connected with the people who can bring value to you and your group and gradually learn and understand how you can bring value to them. Either by specific information or events of interest and in due time you can make great things happen!
How to become a LISTing Success

The most import factor in have a successful business is to keep adding you list of new prospects everyday (yes you read it correctly EVERY DAY). Networking is habit that has to be constant habit and become part of your daily routine., the art of connecting with your targeting audience is continues cycle.
Recently met a real estate agent who was distributing postcards my neighbourhood, took the time to approach him ask him about his business and gave him my card, and offered him a referral.
Above is a great example of adding a resource to my list and potential cross-marketing opportunity in the near future.
During my presentations I share the P-A-R strategy and emphasize its "Success Cycle" and you do it over and over again.Engaging the activity of continuous effort.
Present - Have a business card everywhere you go. You never know who you meet and who they may know
Attitude - Entering any situation with a positive attitude will enhance your ability to connect with prospective clients and grow your business relationship with them.
Respond - The ability to Ask and listen and have an engaging conversation will make it more of a memorable and easier when you follow-up.
We are in the 21st century and media had change and evolved with the times. No matter what day or year it is. It's all about people connecting with people building successful relationships.
Finding you niche in that market will bring you clarity you need to be adding your list and closing sales. There are more resources available to the buyers and sellers which makes more challenging for the real estate agents provide the best price and service.
Social media has drastically changed how house are being viewed, sold and evaluated. Finding ways to make sure you clients understand the information your email or speaking to them about is crucial to build a successful sale.
Competition will never disappear; the opportunity is there to have an effective professional image and service where you understand your clients needs.
Carrying your business cards everywhere you are ready and able to networking anywhere which is clear advantage in these economic times where word-of-mouth marketing is and still remains the most powerful and effective referral source.
Living your day with mind-set that opportunity is everywhere will give you scope that you are prepared and ready to add to your list anytime and anywhere!
I have an entrepreneurial friend who has built successful business in the computer repair business all through word-of-mouth and referrals and has successfully used social media to create an effective profile.

3 Proven Ways to Follow Up with New Contacts

It my experience it has been very disappointing that I didn't get anyone call me back. There are many reasons why this happens
My professional opinion is it come down to fear from picking up the phone and believing there is nothing worth discussing. Which is the furthest thing from the truth!
1st Envelope system
In many of the presentation that I have shared. Always share this system where you use 2 envelopes.
1st Envelope will have all your cards in it from the event.
2nd Envelope will be where you will insert all the card you have called. The most important thing is on the front side of the envelope put the date you will complete it and get yourself a prize when its done.
"The goal is to get business cards from one envelope to the by giving yourself a simple reward that you will receive when you have completed the task"
Important tip:
As you begin to through the cards be prepared to go through the momentum of calling them all, if you do have a lot that you may break them up into sections. (be very careful doing this) it may affect in completing your goal. Make the calls and make note on the cards (or have paper and pen beside you) to make notes while you are on the call. Example
Questions to ask
Which social networking sites are they on?
What new projects are they working on?
What did they enjoy about the event?
This will assist you in the long-term with building a memorable relationship.
2nd Accountability
This is the most powerful and effective way to complete your task. Having an accountability partner gives the challenge to complete your goal much faster. You can do the following have either a monetary value attached to complete the task or you have to do something for your accountability partner (ex. Wash car, or coffee for the week) It will create the necessary momentum to compete the task
3rd Group call
This is similar to the suggestion made above but gives it an added dynamics of being in the same room. Get everyone in the same environment create the necessary tension to complete the task quickly and effectively.
You may not to make calls for your financial freedom perhaps you can make calls for a slice a pizza! Being part of a team to accomplish this task is the secret ingredient to success that you may not read about it books. Having been part of this environment and have seen many entrepreneurs 'stretch' themselves outside the comfort zone to get it done.
Use the above mentioned ways to create guaranteed results.
Go out and Get connected and Make Wealth Happen!

3 Strategies on How to Network at a Tradeshow

1st Business cards
Are the most important tool next to word of mouth that you use to engage potential client, future business owners. As you walk around the event look at other business card on display and get comfortable in ask for the owner of the card, which is a simple way to generate conversation regarding what they do for the company and if they ask if they have a few moments to speak with you. This will give you the starting momentum to having great conversations all day.
The rule with this tool is to use to only give it out when it is asked for. (This is not easy as it sounds) It may take time to master this technique. When you do it will make your card more valuable.
The are art of giving is easy, art of receiving is where true value begins.
2nd Asking key questions
Is an effective way to create ongoing conversations. At a recent tradeshows in Toronto I was waiting in line to get registered where I began great conversation with an attendee who had written a book on cooking. He went on to explain that his book has been huge success with colleges and universities due the fact his recipes were very short and easy to make. By the time we had reached the desk we had exchanged cards and had mentioned very little what I had done. This sets up a great ongoing conversation when I followed up with him a week later
Having some prepared questions prior to attending the event will make your networking strategy work better such as "Have you been to the tradeshow before?", " Do you know any of the exhibitors?", Would you be interested in walking the show with me for a few minutes, I just go here."
3rd Visit booths and ask questions
Engage in small talk relating to the industry. Recently celebrated small business week in Toronto and had met entrepreneurs which I had invited last years event. They had booths at this years which I was happy to see. We had great discussions on working together strategically in the future
Many of the booths have contests and give-aways for various prizes. You can share a light joke with the attendee as to what you will do with gift when you win it. If the they announce the winner at the show and to make sure if its you to come an track you down!. It could be a prize that you have been talking and sharing about with others and you may say this is a good sign you could win it today
Learning and applying these above mentioned strategies will give you simple steps to become an effective networker. Get Connected Make Wealth happen!

Writer & Speaker in a Year-You can do it!

It is with great honor to share this article in appreciation for the Toronto Public Library. It was not long ago that I wrote three articles within a 5 month period which gave me the credibility and leverage to be able to speak to various groups and organizations in the Toronto Region. Let go back in time and tell you the story.
In October 2007in Toronto and the Small Business Seminar was happening sponsored by Enterprise Toronto and Centennial College. There was tradeshow and seminar happening all day with lots of opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs. Had lots of business cards and was prepared with infomercial about myself.
“Bring business cards and have infomercial about yourself”
First stop was the tradeshow where there were vendors from various companies Staples Business Depot, Car Dealership, Graphic Designers and many more. The Toronto Public Library had a booth representing the Small Biz Express Section. Had a brief conversation with the representative and continued network and meet people at the show. There was also various seminars being held by seasoned experts in different fields.
Overall the show was very informative and met some great entrepreneurs whom to this day have contact with. The importance part of networking is the following up with all the contacts that have been made. ( 24 to 48 is the normal time to call back)
Had proceeded to follow-up with participants and exhibitors at the events. One of the tradeshow exhibitors was the Toronto Public Library who had a website call the Smallbizxress which the featured monthly articles on different entrepreneurs and the different expertise. Within the next few months had submitted 3 articles from Mentorship, Effective Networking Skills and How to Market and promote yourself and also had one my mentors Terry Gogna (www.terrygogna) submit two articles regarding his book “ How can I get myself to do what I need to do”.
Having the articles online gave me the opportunity to leverage them to various contacts that I had met networking in the Toronto area with the opportunity for future speaking engagements. Within the next six months had spoken for Enterprise Toronto at City Hall and North York on Do you have a Mentor? to Career Door Inc in Toronto who did IT Job Fair with complimentary speaking seminars as a value added information for the participants.
The most memorable and (nervous) talk was my first day for Career Door in February 2008 at the Marriot Hotel in Toronto. It was a two-day event and was scheduled to speak two times. My first speaking engagement and had to do it twice! Putting together a powerpoint presentation to have some resources to use was ready get this done.
Room was average size with seating for about 50 people with a stage and podium. Going into the first talk I was very nervous until of the hotel caterers gave me water on the house to calm me done and some encouragement sent me of to get start my talk.
Few months early one my mentors had suggested to record myself which was a great way evaluate yourself moving forward to get better, with that had set up my recording device and was ready to speak.
Both talks went well and with the help of Max Haroon ( and Ron Vereggen ( (who were also speakers that day) were helpful resources to have available on both days.
Having a successfully spoken proceeded to speak to other organizations in Toronto and with few months spoke at Enterprise Toronto, Bloor-Dundas Employment Centre, Skills for Change and numerous time at Career Door Inc over the past year.
Have learned many lesson along the way from importance of audience participation, improving presentation style and engaging with audience.
On your of success you will come many opportunities that you will pursue with the realization that it will open many door for you and allow to get better every day and gain the confidence and persistence to pursue bigger goals and desire.
Get Connected Make it Happen you too can become the best you can be.

Bartering led to Networking

Before DVD's came into the market there were these cd's called Laserdiscs (size of an record album) that you could watch movies on. Quality was amazing you could watch in on Letterbox or full screen. Back then letterbox was something new and many laserdiscs collectors really liked that. Reminded everyone of watching at the theatre and enjoying the clearer picture style.
At that time had started buy a few LD's and had started building a collection. As time passed there were some that I didn't watch that much so I put an ad in the local paper to trade some of my ld's. Within a week began to get phone calls and started to trading my ld's
There were so many types of people I met a doctor who had a huge collection! To entrepreneurs who did barter and sold some ld's.
Came across a store that was going out a business and was selling all there Lds and at that time he had movies like Lethal Weapon 2, Aliens and Eiger Sanction. My collection quickly grew and it was a cool hobby to have at the time.
Learned many valuable lessons from that art of negotiation, networking, and building rapport. Important lesson that apply to today's market whether you buying a new car, home, searching for items for your home.
As time passed met business owner who I traded with and bought some LD's in bulk due to liqudation sales.
Even joined a Laserdisc newsletter club via mail and atteded some industry events also.

Are you Creating Business Momentum… and profiting along the way?

The economy is going through changes, people are being careful where they are spending they budgeted dollars. These challenges create a need for every entrepreneur to be more knowledgeable about their products and services. The needs of your potential customer and clients are still there. As I teach in my “Network your way to Success” to entrepreneurs I always say “ you have two ears and one mouth use them effectively, Ask then close your mouth and listen”. In the book Small Talk by Debra Fine she states in every chapter the importance of asking key questions to your potential customer and clients.
Having ongoing momentum on your side, the future look bright, obstacles look small, and trouble seems temporary. In moving forward with any kind of movement is possible. To inspire and get out of your comfort zone into your wealth zone. Below are few strategies to consider.
1.System of Success
. Give yourself some easy challenges to create some positive momentum moving forward. As stated earlier there are great books to read, which give you questions and easy ways to talk to people on a daily basis. Social Networking is great way to keep in touch with current and potential customers. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter all have programs that you can talk to people live if they are online or send an email with information of interest to friends.
- start an E- newsletter and email to entrepreneurs you have met
- start a blog on area of expertise and email friends
- attend events in your local area and network promote your business
- promote events of close friends or organizations you attend
- hand out sample of promotion material
Give yourself a weekly challenge to engage move forward. As you do this you will have lessons and experiences along the way that will contribute to your momentum.
2. Stay Positive in amidst the Doom and Gloom
In the recent magazine Enterprise ( Beryl Allport states some great points which I agree with.
-Choose consciously where you focus your time and energy
- open doors to new possibilities and opportunities
-create some fun and see the joy in little things daily
Momentum is created by small steps daily and with persistent execution with great a sum of energy propelling you forward to creating synergistic movement that give you energy and attracts people to you and your cause.
Have a support of group of like-minded entrepreneur is the formula of many successful entrepreneurs for many years. Keep the close via phone or email and you will pleasantly surprised that they will give the confidence and self esteem to move forward. Everyone wants to win even through challenges evolving leaders rise up to the occasion and move forward. As a song on my mentor plays all the time called “Get over it”
3. Building your team
In the book Good to Great by Jim Collins he states so firmly. “Get the right people on bus, sitting in the right seat on the bus, if not get them of the bus.”
Strong analogy and so true! You want people on your team that share the same vision and focus that you do. This contributes to the momentum of you and your team.
Everyone one of you team members have skill and strengths and various areas of expertise. It’s your ability to keep aware of these and focused in that frame of mind that will allow the overall contribution to a successful team moving forward and creating the rewards of growth and profitability for everyone.
Building business momentum takes a plan of daily goals and the persistent action for result to overcome the tough and challenging economic teams. Rising above the waves and seeing further and reaching farther to satisfying the needs and wants of your potential customers.

Money Game!
There have been many great books written, board games and professional speaking on Money. Making and spending money has been done for years. Understanding it as a tool and not idolizing is where the lesson begin. Below are some exercises to do to test comfort zone on money and how you may view. You may be surprised by the end the power of money!
Mental mindset
We carry money with us on daily basis from bills in our pocket to change in your car. We put it all sorts of places from money jars to contributing to charities at our local coffee shop.
How much money could you carry with you and walk around with it for a full week? $100 or $1000?. This is a powerful test that I have done for the past few years and created some personal stress thinking that I would spend it or lose it. This was my sub-conscious mind playing mental games with my understanding with money. ( It just a piece of paper with a face and number on it) After a few days this imaginary fear was gone and was totally comfortable with it. Had not spent the money and actually had engaged in interesting conversation regarding the exercise.
All you need is a Money Clip and Money (couldn’t resist!)
Begin by carrying $100 dollars then as you gain confidence add more money to the clip. You will have different feelings as you begin add money on weekly basis.
When you reach $500 get out a piece of paper and write how you feel or tell a friend about your test.(who know you may inspires them to do the same)
Prosperity game with cheques
This game is even more challenge. Imagination is a powerful component for this to have a huge effect. Photocopy some check (about 30). Then take what you make a month (net) not gross (nice try). and spend it in a day. Remember this exercise is to be done for seven consecutive days. This will challenge your mental mindset. You may come up with some inventive ways by the third day for sure!
This will give you the understanding how money can be used as powerful to do many things.
This is what happens to lottery winners when they win a huge sum. They can’t get rid of it fast enough. Lately many have hired financial advisors to assist them (good idea). To allow them to keep them focused on what they should to with the money. Even thought this is a game you can really make a strategic game with how you can be creative with the money and what to with it. Can use it to fund schools, contribute to charities, give anonymously to strangers.

Social Networking Strategy: Communication is the key!

In recent months there has been many webinars and websites discussing the value added reasons in combining communications are a key social strategy for your online presence. As internet entrepreneur have utilized key website with great results. Below were going to give you some practical advice on how to use the social networking as a key tool to build your resources and promote your expertise or marketing ideas in easy and effortless way.
Many professional s are using this simple and effective website to display their resume credentials with picture and interests. Have the ability to join groups and ask questions on different topics.
You can also request referrals and request to speak to professionals in other networks via permission based email. Add people your network and grow you resources with your own social network.
Post updates , search for groups and connect with other in you network through existing connects ( with permission) Ask question to industry experts on different topics and join relative groups online.
Created your own online resume through easy to use template is great benefit you can update at your own convenience. There are also various types of online software that is available to upload presentations you have completed and search for answer by asking industry experts.
Have had the opportunity to locate previous co-workers and friends with easy to use networking addition feature.

This social function allows you to type 140 characters of information from daily interests to links and website you may be connected to. Tweeting is simple and easy to do. You can have followers or follow others on the social networking journey. Many CEO, singers and actors can be found twitting on their daily happenings.
Recently many corporations have used the Twitter to keep their customer informed on company news and product and service launches.
You can also post links to other networking sites that you have posted information for followers to learn more about you in the social networking arena.
There are many other enhancement software you can find online to increase the people you want to have follow or have following you.
This is social website has its advantages in being an “connection” website to link people with other social website you are on, from posting links of articles or blog post of interest.

Facebook has combination of resources to use. Taking approach of learning it step and step to create profile that is interested and engaging with your friends, make frequent updates and work toward building your profile
Creating your own sub groups within the community where you can promote events to a specified inner circle of entrepreneurs and professionals.
You can add pictures of events you have attended to build you relationship with other and share what your interests. You can tie in your blog address to your profile and attach other blogs that you also read.
Promote events that you are planning to attend and share them with your group who are in the local vicinity.
The environment of friends you create will have an impact on the type of information you give and receive with you profile. Avoid playing games and participating in activities that could have potential to distract you

Connection of networks
Key goal is to combine the networks to create a strategy of interest which will lead to following
Create interest
Share with your networks what you are doing. Do speak regularly or write articles online. Do you associate or promote people of interest who add value to people
Promote Events
What events do you attend in your area and why. Take pictures of events and post them with brief explanation
Create referrals
You have to create an appetite that your potential customer customers need to follow you and learn more about you. In all the above networks you can email and send message to your online professional’s database. Email and ask them what they are doing and how you can assist.

Get Connected-Make it Happen
Get connected with the people who can bring value to you and your group and gradually learn and understand how you can bring value to them. Either by specific information or events of interest and in due time you can make great things happen!

We covered some simple steps to a productive and result oriented social experience is a process to being confident to try influence and understand how you deal with people online within the various social networks available above.

How to Market to your Network and get Appreciation

Living the Get Connected Make Wealth Happen lifestyle has created the opportunity to meet great entrepreneurs but also have great success together. Two years ago I had attended a Life Entrepreneur where I met Tm Mahdi form Cg6. At the time he had just published his first large size newspaper called Crossover ( he had personally delivered a copy for me to read after the event)

As time passed we had connected at various events throughout the city from Freelance Bootcamp at Ryerson to Small Business Forum at the Metro Convention.

Shortly after that we had a meeting regarding get some speakers for an event called Initiative TO which was happening in Toronto City wide the week of Nov 15-19 celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. Had sent out an email to my network regarding this event and had a great response (read story below) So great that we had to make some change on how to connect with organizer

The event was a overall success and I had three entrepreneurial friends who ended up speaking at the event and one location that I have done some marketing the week before.

Remember that you meet people everyday and you just don't know when and where you will connected again.

"I want to personally extend my hand out and share my thank you to Jim Pagiamtzis. Because of you, my voicemail has been so clotted up in interest. Thank You. And many thanks to Marilyn Garshowitz, Cheryl Rankin, Anfernee Chansamooth, Eric Bernhard Kristle Calisto-Tavares, Brent Kobayashi, Dan Hashemi, Kune Hua, Jan Keck, Kenny Santos, Elysabeth Fischer, Vivianne Gauci and Natalia Kantor for making magic really happen." Tm Mahdi

Go out there and Get Connected and Make it Happen!

Power of a Newsletter!

Couple of years ago went to event and the speaker challenged us to start a newsletter. So the journey began. It was begin of an exercise which would open new doors and create ongoing relationships.

The months began to pass and nothing happen. No results! I began to get little frustrated, remembered the speaker said this would happen and began to think more outside the box regarding this information.

It wasn’t it was a flashy newsletter with bright colour and fancy pictures it was about the information that was important.

Had an upcoming talk that I was doing on Do you have a mentor? Which I included in the newsletter with some other upcoming events , links and services of interest. Few day later got email back from an author who I had met that had written a book on mentorship. Invited her out to come speak at the end of my talk, she showed up and wrapped up the event and even sold some of her books! I was impressed!

This gave me confidence to continue doing newsletter and have had more results happen from getting testimonials, referrals, recommendations to contact other entrepreneurs.

Giving away prizes from free ebooks to doing funny contests such ask how many times certain word appears in the newsletter.

Recently have found some free resources online that has given newsletter better interface which I like and have done a few that way.

Another reason that a realized was going to be equally important was the part of follow-up, keeping your contacts top of mind about you and what you are doing is important.

With the advent of Twitter and Facebook. Having follower is very important in the social media landscape. Having also a simple way to communicate with your contacts at least twice a month can equally be effective and provide results.

Follower effect can be powerful for your Brand

During the past few years have stressed to entrepreneurs the importance of the follow-up with your customer , clients and potential new contacts. In an earlier article talked about the newsletter be used as an effective tool to keep people up-to-date on what you are doing on a monthly basis.

With the explosion of Facebook and Twitter it has been very interested to see how the creation of a following can create the six degree of separation but on steroids!

Motto I live by everyday is “Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!” I share this with everyone that I know because we connect with people everyday and want to make things happen from sharing business ideas with potential prospects to increasing our network of people we know.

This can be done in many ways from attending networking events and meeting people face to face or you can go online and join site like Linkedin and start building professional contacts online and do it in a easy and effortless way.

There is no doubt Twitter and Facebook has changed the landscape for many people for everyday entrepreneurs to movie stars. Important thing to remember is what type of followers are you attracting and do you know anything about them.

Entrepreneurial friend of mine always says “what are 20 things describe your ideal prospect” by the time you get to number 13 you will uncover some interesting things!

So the next time you either are adding a friend or adding a contact ask yourself few questions regarding the value of a them following you and also the interest of them learning more about you.
Remember Get Connected Make Wealth Happen” You only have one chance to make a 1st

How do you communicate daily?

Communication Language in the 21st Century has change below is great story.

During the past year have been speaking on “Networking your way Success” and have lots great personal stories to share during my talks to bring to focus the power of networking.

Due to encourage from some friends who were interested in reading about the 3 T’s joke here goes a brief summary.

I ask the participants “How many people like the talk put there hands up?”. At this point this is the second time I have asked this question and usually have a few more hands up (wait this not the punch line).

Then I ask “How many people like to type put there hands up?”. Usually get a few hands up at this point.

And finally ask “How many people like to text put there hands up?” At to my surprise usually get lots of hands. So I share my story on how I learned how to text.

Late last year I got a new phone and the salesperson mention that I can make 250 free texts a month. I explained that I had not even sent one text the whole. He looked at me a little perplexed and said “Well you got to learn”.

Off I went with my new phone and didn’t think anything of it. Had played around with the texting feature but didn’t get to much involved with it, until I got to New Years Eve when I got 5 texts in one night! And all I could respond was saying OK and TY. Which was very embarrassing to say the least?

So I went to friend and said to her “Can you show me how to text ?”
She said “Jim, I have a question”(oh oh I said this is going to hurt)
I said “Sure”
She said “ Where have you been?”
I said “Earth”
She said “How long”
I said “38 years”
She said “ You have issues, figure it out on your own” ( this is where everyone laughs usually)

It became apparent that I had to learn on my own. I did ask some other friends who with some minor twisting of arms gave some pointers.

Within time I began to get the handle of it and began to send out some few test texts to friends and was getting used to it and time passed on.
The real lesson came when I began have conversation with people via phone and they would say to me “just text me?” and I was very surprised because I was speaking to them anyways why text!

Going through this 3 T’s example made me realize how important communication language is in the 21st century with technology moving a lighting speed via Iphones, Blackberries and other mobile technologies coming out. People were on the move and didn’t have time to talk or type and plenty of time to text each other.
As an entrepreneur it became very apparent to me as the days and months past in purchasing my new phone, I can stumbled upon a fade that for many would consider normal but for others it was opportunity to learn how to better communicate with you customer and clients moving forward.

Currently have a gym partner that I workout with couple days a week and the main way we communicate is by texting and sometime via email. We hardly talk anymore. It has been an unusual experience but an effective lesson on communication language.
As you create new relationships and or even improve current ones. Be aware how you friends, entrepreneurs and family and talking to you and how you can be more effective and efficient in your daily tasks.

Power of Networking it does Happen!

In a recent talk at Happen in Burlington shared a story on the how I assisted and participant at one of my speaking engagements get a job!

It was the last week of October 2009 and I has speaking for Happen in Toronto ( organization that "Linking people and Opportunities". Was speaking on the "Networking your way to Careers Success" to group of executives and entrepreneurs which had accepted my invitation.

Shared the concept of the P-A-R system and simple process in getting connected and make it happen in creating result in your executive job hunt. Participants were having a great time and shared some great stories of success.

Many time at the end of my speaking many participants come to the front and and share some one one one time with me. Jeff Conn had a great listening ear that day, because he heard that worked in the trucking industry(FedEx Freight Canada). He handed me his card which said Transportation Professional Expert in: Third Party logistics, Dispatch, and Transportation Operations. Included his phone numbers and email contact and last but not least his Linkedin portfolio address.

Two months passed and Operations position had come up, so I called Jeff and told him to send me his resume and I will forward it to Human Resources. Later in the day relayed the information that it was complete with HR's contact information. He followed-up few days later answer any question they may have.

Week later noticed Jeff being interviewed and was pleasantly surprised to him their. His interviewed had finished and connected with Jeff on his way and stated that it went well and they were already talking about salary expectations. Within the next 48hrs he was hired!

Below is an excerpt of testimonial Jeff had written to Happen.

"Christmas has came early as I have landed a position FedEx Freight Canada team as a Operations Manager, Handling and working on their current transportation supply links through their Canadian operations. My start date commences Jan 4th so I am bringing in 2010 with a bang!

I want to thank you all for your assistance and guidance during this past while. Although my transition was not as long as others, I do know persistence and determination will land each of you in your next dream position.

I want to thank Jim, Robin, John and Greg for all your help and bringing a wide variety of key topics and speakers to the group. It greatly aided me in my search and instilled some new tactics to use during my career search.

This opportunity did come through the Happen Group and I want to thank Jim Pagiamtzis (a Happen Topic presenter)for putting me in front of all the key contacts at FedEx without your assistance I know I would not have found this opportunity (It was a truly a hidden opportunity)"
Jeff had done a number of things correctly from engaging and speaking to me after the presentation. Following up with Human Resources

Power of Social Networking and Ingenuity!

Earlier this year had a great experience working with referral I got regarding the aspects of what I teach on “Networking your way to Success”

Jay Rosales had a background in Sale and Marketing and was currently looking for employment.(I had got referral from his Dad!) During our first conversation learned about his background and what he was looking for. Shared with him my experience regarding networking the power of social networking and dealing and utilized some different ideas to him the "edge" he need in his job hunt.

I was due to speak in few days and had invited him to attend the event and hear my talk on “Networking your way to Success” at Job Fair called Career Door Inc. (needed someone to record my speech anyways!) They had complimentary seminars as part of a value added service to the participants.

Had asked Jay to complete couple of assignments prior to attend the event

1st Start a blog &

2nd Create business cards.

On the day of the event there was excitement in the air. The room was very large and organizers were expecting a big turnout. Jay had agreed to attend the morning session where had the opportunity to meet Max Haroon Founder of Society of Internet Professionals and one my mentors.

It was a packed room with 100 attendees waiting to hear my talk. I was first up of the four speakers for the day. Become a public speaker has been an exciting journey that I have started and has open many great doors of opportunity.

During the presentation mentioned Jay Rosales story he had shared with me just prior day prior.

Jay had attended had attended a Job Fair week prior. He wanted to be different so he purchased 4 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards, great low cost marketing idea. People he connected with he gave the gift card. What did that create? He was different and created add value with the intent of being remembered and therefore created a strong interested for a follow-up.(which indeed happened)

Due to his background and our conversations he created a great idea, which he use with his ingenuity and unique ability in motion. I call this example as “having the edge”

Being different amongst all those attendees was what separated him from everyone else. (By the way he did get some follow up calls due to the gift cards.

He also used Facebook in a great way to some research with some interviewer to better create and stronger and engaging conversation.At one interview the young lady had complained about her feet being sorry and Jay made the comment about soccer and he immediately laughed and became more comfortable as the interview progressed.

Follow up calls are always encouraged whenever possible. You want to create ongoing communication and get answer to specific job that you interested. Think outside the box and give your self the opportunity to share your talents and experience with you potentials. Thank you note or email or appreciate phone call with a pleasant message.

In the months that followed Jay Rosales did find employment in the marketing field due to his persistence and commitment to never give up in his journey. Below is excerpt of testimonial that he has sent thanking me for the conversations we had.

"I also received some valuable lesson from Jim Pagiamtzis. he taught me the importance of blogging, to showcase the skills I've gained over my career that could help others in improving theirs. Jim also introduced me to the value of networking, I relay that same importance to anyone I know that unemployed. He would make ideal Mentor because he is willing to help you become successful, at work and in life"

Volunteer to Success

First article that appeared on

Small startups and SOHO business have one big issue, which is common to all businesses, how to promote their business (or their products and services). Obvious solution is marketing and advertisement but you need some budget. So you become a walking advertisement of your business, and networking is the best way to go about it. Again there are many ways but volunteering is a multifaceted method of networking combined with personal development.
“Get ConnectedMake It Happen” that’s what Volunteering is all about if you ask Jim Pagiamtzis, “ you may want to check the dictionary to get another answer” he says.
Extremely proud of his greek heritage Jim decided that he wanted to do more and connect with Greek Community in Toronto. “you mention Greek here in Toronto and everyone mentions the Danforth and the awesome food.” which is great.
He did some research via Internet and talk to few friends who did work in the Greek community and very quickly he found a few organizations which were a great fit. He quickly realized that there was a lot that could be done, during the next few years he participated and promoted many events from greek singles events, wine tasting tour, attended various board meetings dealing with greek issues facing the community and made many personal and business friends along the way.
After that the connection was made and Jim had put together his own website ( where he put up links to various Greek organizations and other groups that may been of interest.
“ Looking back I learned so much about many things from business to personal growth, that has help me today to empower others just do a little and experience the difference.
Currently still doing some volunteering in the internet community with the Society of Internet Professionals ( Over the past few years he participated in various events from Symposiums to Trade shows and Conferences.
Below are a couple of benefits that Jim has got from the various shows he has participated in.
1. Networking- being in the environment where you are dealing with different people from show organizers, support staff and fellow volunteers, you have the opportunity to network and build valuable relationships at all levels
2. Skills- developing and practicing effective presentation skills when working in the SIP booth from how to use brochures or explaining various programs and events.
3. Attitude- have a positive and learning attitude to be an effective volunteer in all aspects of participating in various events and activities
Currently Jim still participates in assisting and participating in Trades Shows and Conferences with the confidence and attitude that he shows and tells new volunteers through example that you can volunteer and be successful at it with the key reminder “Get ConnetedMake it Happen”

Applying effective tradeshow techniques. That work!

At events, visitors’ minds are more open to product evaluation and the purchasing of products/services than any other time of the year. Every volunteer should know how to build a quick rapport with the visitor at the booth. Be a professional and dress the part. Don’t eat, drink or read the newspaper in the booth; Go out of the booth if you need to make a phone call.

Promoting from the booth at a trade show event can be made more efficient if our volunteers understand and practice the “three S” of booth staffing:

1. Stop them

2. Speak to them, list and qualify

3. Close and Sell them

1. Stop them. In the confines of a show booth, you have limited time to greet visitors and introduce them to the features and benefits our programs or service. Your first contact with a visitor is often made through a simple, yet effective, greeting and smile. Visitor should be welcomed by name (usually have a badge) give a firm handshake and sincere smile. To start the conversation, our volunteers should be polite, friendly, professional and respectful. Try some of these openers:

“Let me show you some of the programs we offer.”

“We have initiatives that you may find of interesting.”

“Have you heard of _______?” If they answer NO, then tell them, “we have not done a good marketing job! “we will be celebrating our____ Anniversarynext year)

“Are you involved with the Internet?”

“Hello_______, what do you do for a living?”

2. Speak to them, listen and qualify: After you have secured the visitor’s attention, engage them in conversation. Raise open-ended questions that require more the “yes” or “no” response. Inquire about the attendee’s networking and association interest and the kinds of programs they would like to attend. Ask about their organizations or own need for professional designation. Listen carefully to their answers while at the same time developing a strategy to invite them.

At this point direct them to what you are promoting and set them for the close.

3. Close and Sell them: Sit them down (if chairs are available) if not get them to a table where they can have the room to write. Share the information and paperwork and assist them with any additional questions.

In closing get them to drop of their business card for one the prizes available for attending the booth.

Through repeating this process in systematic way, you will created momentum and experience to effective apply and achieve great results applying effective trade show Techniques. That Work!

Have fun and enjoy your marketing experience!


“The Exchange of Information, Ideas or Feelings”

It is apparent from the dictionary meaning that Communication is, not only a vital aspect of day-to-day living, but equally important in business.

Everyone has access to the tools of communication, which for obvious reasons are more prevalent in the work place.

Telephones, computers, faxes, intercoms, newsletters, mail, memos, correspondence and talking are some of these tools. Without communication, we couldn’t exist and certainly business would abruptly stop.

Part of the success of any business relies on and is proportionate to the proper use of the tools of communication. We should never forget that a communication breakdown would be potentially disastrous to a business.

The etiquette of communication in business is also important factor to its success. The exchange of information between customers and your business is important to paramount proportions.

Communication executed well and with a personal and professional etiquette excludes confidence and a caring feeling toward a customer who will feel a trust with whom they are in contact with.

If every employee understood accessed and recalled the information available from every department, customers would almost only ever have to call your business and talk to any one person to feel confident that they made the right choice in calling your business, as all their needs could be met through a single call. Because this is not easily attainable, we must be aware that we can still gain a customers confidence by always being helpful, courteous, happy and willing to call them back with the required follow-up.

The etiquette comes in with a pleasant, self-confident exchange of information and always, always to what you say. In other words, it is imperative to call a customer back when you say you will, even if you do not have the information they are expecting.

Receiving a call form someone who has promised to call you back, lets you know they care and have not forgotten you. Conversely, not getting a call leaves you to wonder if you have been forgotten about or worse, that the person just didn’t care. You then become uncertain if you have been inconvenienced enough to call them back. If you don’t care that much, why bother.

The experience of calling someone back when you have promised, even though you do not have the information they required, oddly enough, has always been a pleasant experience. You automatically gain a confidence that wasn’t necessarily there when the customer first called and you haven’t even done anything for them except show you have respect for them because you genuinely care that their requests are answered.

It should never be forgotten or taken for granted that communication between departments is also essential for the well being of business.

The more we all know about our company, the easier it is to gain confidence from any customer who is communicating with us and that information exchanges and communication etiquette will instill a confident and caring feeling upon our customers.

Relationships important key to success

Putting your connections to use and make it happen is what separates you and rest of the entrepreneurs. Great network to get connected is Enterprise Toronto ( meetings are held throughout the Ontario region & Hold seminars throughout Canada for entrepreneur either starting a business or already in business.
Enterprise Toronto Enterprise is an innovative public and private sector alliance created to provide one-stop sourcing of services and programs tailored to meet the needs of the Toronto's Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Enterprise Toronto can help you make good decisions during your business start-up and develop your management capabilities as your business venture grows. Enterprise Toronto is managed by the City of Toronto Economic Development Office which offers services and programs in the areas of Small Business and Local Partnerships, Business Development and Retention, Investment Marketing, Economic Research and Business Information
There are many more organizations out there who provide great information. Ask you network to refer you groups they may and you will pleasantly surprised they know of many to recommend.
During the past two years have spoken to audiences in the I.T community to entrepreneurs and resource centers. In my presentation I always list numerous resources from books to online and offline material. Sometime even bring supply of books and printed material to share with audience part of the value added presentation. These referrals are part of the personal relationship I have with the individual, the organization or initiative. Giving this information doesn’t increase my income, it does increase my self-esteem, knowing that I am giving away- at no cost-valuable referrals.
How then does this word-of-mouth referral system work form me? It’s simple. Everyone on the list knows that they are being introduced to people they would never meet. They know they are accountable for their actions and that relationship they have with me is reciprocal.
I have a phrase its “Get Connected- Make It Happen” part of the strategy is you first have to connect with your who you meeting. Get to know them and what they are about. Over time you build the relationship and if there is value or service to exchange you can make it happen. During the past year have met and partnered up with many entrepreneurs to promote events, books and or promote specific services either via mail or newsletter format.
Have received gift form cards to words of praise with has been very humbling and satisfying due the fact we collaborated and made it happen. Have built a long-term relationships with Max Haroon from the Society of Internet Professionals ( have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Max on various projects and causes that has given me the arena to learn and grow. Evolving as a leader of entrepreneurs and be the example to others that they can learn from your journey.
Challenge yourself and go out and network at various events and meet the future leaders and achievers and realize your resources from buiness cards and contacts you make on your entrepreneurial journey will affect you and the others around you.
Get out and Get Connected-Make Weatlh Happen

Are you dressed for Success?

One of the most fundamental things that every entrepreneur should know and realize is the most famous saying " You only have one chance to make a first impression" so you better make it great one. In getting connected with various people through out your day its very important to just speaking with professionalism but show that you professional business entrepreneur.

"First Impression is a lasting impression"

Let's face the reality in networking world. Appearance and personal conduct do matter. Whether we agree or not , judgments are made continually about us based largely on our appearance, on the way we look. Our credibility is based on our appearance and on our professional conduct. Those who want to succeed in business, life and success take the time to look their best and act appropriately for any given occasion.

No matter what background, anyone can learn to look great and conduct themselves in a professional way. Entrepreneur must realize that details do matter. As professionals in our industry we must strive to take that time to get the best assistance to look our best in anything we do.

In getting new suit its important to make sure you go to qualified professional to assist in your needs.(recommend resource at the end). Professional clothiers know that such level of care is reflected in your personal appearance and in your mannerisms will attract positive and as well foster confidence. As you pay more attention to details you'll find that such skill is highly valued.

Wearing shoes that are shined will you give you the appearance of a go-getter or a great fitting neck tie will look more serious, research studies show there is high correlation between appearance and perception of professional abilities, your first impression is a lasting impression that you want making your best impression!.

How do you Market and Promote “You”?

You can’t market yourself 24 hours-a-day, 7 days week, there are tools that can effectively do it for you. Success is directly related to how you are perceived, which is related to your exposure in the market-place. Better credibility will bring more visibility therefore there must a specific intent of how you use online (internet) & offline (contacts) to promote your talent and experience.
For the past few years social networking websites have exploded as the new medium to promote you either personally or professionally. LinkedIn & Facebook can both be used in effective ways to promote your skills and abilities and business. A few months ago I received an email from a contact I had met at a networking event stating the features of Facebook and the benefits of being connected with him through stories and testimonials. He made an effective presentation. During the next three months I found school mates, received referrals and information on various events.
Increasing your visibility is recommended by many entrepreneurs and coaches. Research, locate and meet potential people that could assist in your employment search or expanding social circle with various authors, speakers and community leaders.
Create your own blog; it’s simple and free. Once you register, you get your own URL, which is like your own website. This can be used to write self-promotional articles about you. Or write a brief article on a hobby or activity you enjoy. This is a powerful and effective way to expose your talents and experiences in various fields.
Business Networking
There are numerous symposiums and seminars held throughout the Greater Toronto Region on a weekly basis. The importance of attending and participating is critical in accessing unadvertised jobs referred to as the “hidden market.”
Businesses know the significance of “Word of Mouth” as the best marketing method, so why not apply it to YOU. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for either a job or more business and tell them what your skills & strengths are.
Having your own business cards and a 30 second elevator pitch are critical to being prepared in talking to potential employers or business clients. While attending an event last year I picked up one business card which resulted in contributing to three online articles. This led to more visibility and to a talk that I was asked to do at an IT Job Fair in Toronto.
Follow-up with new contacts
As you collect business cards, the next step is to create a computer database of contacts you have made. You can use outlook or contact management systems (ACT) to update and maintain information.
Follow-up by sending a letter, email or phone your contacts on a monthly basis. Keep them updated on your search by sending a mini-bio of your achievements and experience. If you do receive a referral, make sure you send a thank you card, email or phone in appreciation.
Action will lead to progress, leading to rewarding results. “Get Connected, Make Wealth Happen!”

Get involved in blogging and make it Happen!

Blogging is easy plus it’s effective in getting yourself noticed. Get you connected the potential customer or clients in your particular area of expertise.
Sending a comment about someone else’s blog posting is quick and easy. If you comment enough, other readers will recognize you as someone who is an active participant and an expert in your field. Lots of entrepreneurs have had their comments posted on blogs. Usually the comment is in reference to a posting that either they have read or great article that has beeen written. The best comments add something to the discussion and go beyond just agreeing or disagreeing with the original post.
Leaving a comment is not a bad way to start blogging but doesn’t create the kind of acknowledgement that running your own blog can do.
Setting up a blog is easy. Just go to anyone of the various blogging sites ( use and register your blog name. Registration is free. Just follow the instructions on how to setup your personal blog.
Once you’ve got your blog running, the next step is to add content on at least a weekly or, better still, a daily basis. If you want a blog that will attract readers then your blog postings have to be of interest to those folks. All of us have work and life experience that we can share in our blogs.
Posting to your own blog is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your field of work. Your loyal readers will subscribe to your blog (via an RSS feed which is best explained by Googling the term RSS) and your future employer may notice you. At the very least you can refer employers to your blog to see what sort of person you are.
And, unlike static websites that just sit there, because you add content to your blogsite the web search engines will keep your rating high on places like Google. This is a very good thing. Most people searching on Google look no further than the first couple of pages of listings. If your blog is listed on those pages more people will be inclined to visit.
After you’ve got your blog up and you’re posting daily then it’s time to start visiting other blogs written on similar subjects and leaving comments that include your blog address. Adding links to other blogs on your blog’s main page will encourage other bloggers to reciprocate. Now it’s time to get a Twitter account so you can encourage all your followers to visit your blogsite to read your new post.
Are you creating Value?

In these economic times they best way to attract and retain new clients is by creating value for you new customers and friends. From giving out Guest passes to the local gym to inviting them to local events of interest.
We are all connect these days via email, phone and social websites. Everyone celebrates a Birthday during the year and a quick phone call to say "Hello" is always appreciated.
As entrepreneurs we are growing and learning on a daily basis. We serve into the community and we expand our social circles on monthly and yearly basis. Remember that your potential client may not need your services now but maybe later they may.
There are lots a great books available today. Take the time to ask if your potential customer and clients enjoy reading and if they have interests in particular subject matter. Book on your bookshelf won't help anyone but in some hands they will.
Have seen more than a few lives change due loaning of book from 360 Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell to Secret of Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
So remember when your going out networking and meeting new people are you creating value so that you can be expand your social circle or just shaking another hand and moving on.
Get ConnectedMake IT Happen! is predicated to the fact that we "connect" on a daily basis and its our choice if we want to "make things happen". No matter what we do and who we are, sharing wisdom and knowledge is the greatest gift we can give to create a better society.

Entrepreneurial Journey to Success
"The road less traveled is where the experiences and talents are learned and then applied in your everday life"

As you walked the hallways and heard different teachers you have learned essential information that you will apply in your working life. As you become more experience in a particular field, there are three important components to apply and do in your continued educational career.

Put yourself in the position to listen to great speakers

Various organizations in Toronto have symposiums and seminars throughout the year (www., topics on business and roundtable discussions are held by professionals in various fields. Be proactive, make notes and engage speakers with questions and feedback. This is the arena where relevant information is shared and discussed. Learning great stories of success and from others experience on their journey of success.

In the last few years have heard Jack Welch, T Harv Eker, Alvin Law, Robert T. Kiyosaki dynamic speakers from different industries talking about business, life and success and how they achieved there success ahd they dealt with their failures, through teaching and training I contstantly apply and teach their principles.

"Learn, Do and Apply" Blair Singer

Read Biographies on people of success

Learn from great leaders from the past (Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy) and from the present (Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey) they all have had experience where they began there success and how they keep moving forward to bigger and better business ventures.
Many of the leaders have had similar experience and you will learn how they dealt with them and what they learned as they went through it at the time.

During the past couple of years I have read biographies from Living the Good Life (David Patchell-Evans fouder of Good Life Fitness Clubs) Gretzky (Gretzky & Taylor), Business as Unusual (Anita Roddick, Founder of Body Shop)

"Leaders are Readers" attributed to many

Associate with people of success

As you go out and meet entrepreneur and business leaders you begin to grow your own network of professionals in different industries. Many may become lifelong friends and some may become partners in business ventures and others will be mentors and leaders that you will aspire to learn and become as successful as they have been.

Early in my networking career I met an internet t pioneer who had successful not-for-profit organization, quickly realized his experience and knowledge and began in participating in symposiums and seminars as a volunteer as months and years went by did marketing and promoting which included some digital photography. Have spoken on Mentorship and teaching other volunteers and professionals about the learning experience it was to participating in organization in the community.

"Your are who you associate with" attributed to many

Get Connectd with various entrepreneurs and leaders in your community and enjoy the journey of success where you can Make Wealth Happen!

Top 15 books from Jim Pagiamtzis Vault of Success

Below are books the have inspired and provided great lessons. Some are available only online and few through me. Email if you have any question, comments or testimonials regarding this book and how they have tought you howt improve in your business,life and success.

1. Persistence Pays by Lori Raudnask
2. Think and Grow Rich by Napolien Hill
3. 360 Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell
4. Cash flow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki
5. A Passion for Excellence by Tom Peter and Nancy Austin
6. E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber
7. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
8. You’ve got Style Robert a. Rohm Ph.d and Julie Anne Cross
9. Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.d
10. You Inc. By Burke Hedges
11. Launching Leadership Revolution by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady
12. How can I get myself to do what I need to do? Terry Gogna
13. The Saint, Surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma
14. Dreaming Big by Bobb Biehl & Paul Swets
15. One Door, Two Locks by Dr.Jim Muncy

Networking led to Mastermind
Two years ago attended an event in Toronto called “Life of Entrepreneurs” which was put together by Max Haroon of Society of Internet Professionals. It was very special evening feature speaker Phil Taylor and two other speakers.
He gave a memorable beginning on dream sequence on the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup! ( The room got really loud very quickly) This got the crowd buzzing with anticipation.
Phil Taylor shared his heart and soul about Business, life and Success using examples from Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill).
Year later reconnected with Phil Taylor at Enterprise Toronto and was excited in learning that he book has been released call “Set yourself on Fire”. He also was part of Toastmaster Int’l and had been speaking all around the world on topics in his book.
We had some subsequent meeting and participated in business and political endeavours in the upcoming months.
He has also talk about an organization he was building called Goal Achievers International which was for entrepreneur and professionals seeking success in the long-term. He has outline and process created and has formed local teams.
Having read Napolean Hill and many authors who were had stated the mastermind teams are the key to success in any business.
In February 2011 I joined the Goal Achievers Speakers Development Group in Toronto, through Phil Taylors encouragement and belief that I could contribute my knowledge and experience in this endeavour.
Was introduced to a team of successful authors, speaker and entrepreneurs who all want to use the power of mastermind to enhance their careers.
What started of as opportunity to listen to an amazing talk let to the connection

How to create elevator pitch that works!
I have said many times speaking on Networking your way to Success that you have to be “prepared for the opportunity”, have a prepared statement on what you do and how you provide results to your specific target market is the most import tool you need.
There has been many occasions from attending social event, basketball game to even being in an elevator! , where I had less than 30 seconds to make a statement, key thing to remember is you need to have at least three prepared statements to use in different situations that you may be in.
In order to put together an effective and efficient elevator pitch there are two things you have to know (considering perspective of the listener):
1st What’s in it for me?
2nd Why should I care?
You need to have a catch statement that will create interest for your potential customer to ask questions for more information which will lead to asking for your business card.
You have to explain what you do and put an actions statement attached to it, to gain interest.
“I’m Jim, and I’m a writer who compels people to take action”
The statement contains name, position and call to action statement. This is the simplest template to follow that can be used to explain anything you do.
Speaking to professionals who are in transition or who starting a new business the process I have shared is that your are brand that adds value for them.
When you get into the momentum of doing it every day and speaking it effortlessly, it will roll of your tongue at easy as have a drink of water.
We talk about various topics everyday from the weather to latest news become an effective communicator is having a strong and controlled conversation that will yield in a result in a new contact or even a referral.
Go out and Get Connected and Make Wealth happen!
Now you have collapsed your pitch in 30 seconds, prepare various alternatives, 15 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds.

3 Ways to become a professional inviter
Three people say “No not interested” and then 4th person you speak says “Yes I am coming” this is just brief example but in the world of networking and speaking to different people you will meet in a given days or weeks ahead. Social media world has created the follower effect online which is a powerful movement. The only thing that can beat that is world of mouth marketing. Being a walking talking great networking resource can create interest in what you do and also path you take in your journey to create better value in attracting clients.
1. Events
Going to various events in your city you begin to better great understanding of the caliber of professionals and entrepreneurs you meet. As you do this you will get better understanding on the types of event and various entrepreneurs and professionals you will meet. Networking and exchange business cards you will begin to increase your list and resources.
When you are at an event you can ask specific what other events they will be attending in the coming weeks, you can make a big impact on building a long-term relationship with them and help each other grow your businesses.
Have engaging conversation and ask key questions about their business and types of clients they are looking for will create a reciprocal interest in you.

“ You have two ears and one mouth, use them effectively and listen more”
2. Social Media
From Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you can make daily comments as where you have gone and who you had met throughout the day. Take notice of the “like” feature and how many make comments about this. There are contacts that may be following you with interest because they are interested in your expertise or have met you in previous events.
Social Media as created this type of community and being aware of it can create an opportunity of emailing and calling this contacts to join you at other events. Reach and send an email or if they are online click on their name and engage in a conversation online. “Great to see you at the SOHO even last week. Would you be interested in joining me at the Small Business Forum I have an extra ticket?” Simple strategy to have group dynamic who are attending this upcoming event.

3. Phone call
Picking a business card and calling the script below can be a great way to invite people to other events. Hi John, this is Jim Pagiamtzis. We met at the International networking show last week. As I recall you said you had worked in the insurance industry there is an event happening next week in Toronto that I will be attending there will be ideal clients for your business, would like you to be my guest”
Having a strategy to utilize your network effectively will lead into stronger relationships with you contact and the ability to create better long-term value in the future.

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library and spoken at various venues such as universities, Enterprise Toronto and Initiative TO. Popular topics include How to become a Networking Success and How to attract Mentors in Business Life and Achieve Success. He can be reached via email at

Email marketing campaign that worked!
It was early late October and I had made a decision to register with Constant Contact for the next two months to do handle my email marketing campaigns. I was doing newsletter for the past three years as of this year my list had grown and it was time to use more effective and efficient way.
Had been to a few seminars in Toronto by Lisa Kember (Regional Development Director, Southern Ontario). had received emails from entrepreneurial friends using the service which look very professional. The goal was to do two campaigns in November.
With the help of their coach’s put together an email newsletter and waited to see what would happen. At the same time also shared links with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post on information on various site from my blog to others (,, and
The open rates on this 1st campaign 21.2% 9 (see chart below) which according to Constant Contact were above industry average (18%). I was elated to be above average on my first attempt.
On November 1st made a decision to join Constant to utilize their online email campaign service. Was looking forward to using their analytical software to get a better understanding of open rates and if links were being clicked.
Nov 10,2011 I did a joint talk that happened with Dianne Ojar-Ali. Great restaurant in downtown Toronto. Promotion started 4 weeks prior. There is was good synergy that was happening between everyone which made this an exciting event to promote and market.. We all promoted online to our social networks and at various events we were attending.
Two weeks prior we were interviewed by Canada One at a event in Toronto on Oct 26, it so happened we were all there.( Doina Oncel, Dianne Ojar-Ali and Jim Pagiamtzis ( don’t even ask how that happened!) Julie King did a great interview regarding the event and the topics we were going to cover.
Canada One interview at SOHO event at the Hyatt in Downtown Toronto
Link: (copy and paste to browser)
This gave us great promotion through their site and also to cross promote through other social networking channels which gives out network opportunity to hear what will be sharing that evening. We also promoted event through their event page also.
Doina Oncel and Dianne Ojar-Ali were also promoting the event through networking meetings and newsletters, which great that group co-operation dynamic which event even more appealing to various entrepreneurs and professionals
On Dec 3 we appeared on internet radio station in Toronto where had a great interview with Hugh Reily at Liquid Lunch studio on downtown Toronto. We also used this video to share with online networks.
Link: (copy and paste to browse) < go to 1hr 30 minute section to see interview<

“100% Intention 0% Percent Method” Patrick Bizindayvi
The day of the event had arrived and we had 25 people attended and all were impressed with the information shared at the event. Had opportunity to promote the next event which will sharing the story below.
Dec 3.2010
On November 13 was another monumental day that I made decision at Goal Achievers Canada meeting where I stood up and passionate said “ We are doing at event in December” my successful speakers and writers Patrick Bizindayvi and Christopher van der hoff were not very excited about the idea due the fact it was near the holidays.
Explained the plan to them on how we were going to get it done. In less than half an hour had them very interested and on board to do the event. As the week went by called and emailed them both to update how the event promotion was coming along, they were very excited, encourage and very supportive. Patrick Bizindayvi call said “ The connector is on fire”
Here’s what we did:
1st. Created very short commercial which were posted on You-Tube and the rest of our networks.
Patrick Bizindayvi commercial
2nd Created on effective email marketing campaign using which was sent out to my online contact and also shared with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN
3rd Post information on,, ,, ( you can also put request for them to send photographer!)

Within LinkedIn also posted event on various groups that I belong to from alumni group, speaking groups and to organization that I have either spoken for and attended events in the past.
Two weeks prior to the event go an email from LinkedIn connection who was very interested about the event. We got connected via phone and he explained that he had numerous distributions list on LinkedIn that he could share the event with. I agreed with his offer and in return would give him opportunity to speaker for 10 minutes at the event to share about his background and his experience on being a public speaker.
In the coming weeks received numerous emaisl from contacts in his networking who confirmed to attend the event (which they all did). Two days prior he had Christmas Dinner and made an announcement and received three confirmations that evening!
As the event neared was getting near to the target goal of 30 attendees that I had set as goal three weeks prior. We had 22 attend which was an amazing result.
Results from two campaigns. Opens are above industry average of 15%
Date Sent
Email Name
11/21/2011 Get Connected Make Wealth Happen December Speaking event

11/3/2011 Get Connected Make Wealth Happen event

Link to blog where you can watch all the videos for that day. link below

Moral of the story
Make a decision and follow through, be determined and focus to achieve your goal. In the end you will enjoy the result and appreciate the journey more.
5 great reasons to join LinkedIn
Social Media has changed the way we share our profile, from having an online profile to a professional resume. Getting your resume on Monster, Workopolis may give you the reach and exposure to attract employers or headhunters if you choose. Utilizing this social media tool can give you the opportunity to reach out and take advantage of opportunities that you want.
Put your profile on LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networking sites will give you access to industries and connections in specific areas of interest. Started in May 2003 it has grown exponentially to attract CEO, executives and many
1st Expertise
In your journey you have completed various areas of schooling, achieving accreditations goals or have become a talent speaker or writer. These are great areas to share with your new and future connections. There are helpful profiles to use that will guide you where to put enter this information. You are building your profile online that give you flexibility on how and where to use it.
2nd Leverage
You can leverage your resources and connections as you are building your profile. Add new connections or LinkedIn can recommend connections to you, as your build your profile industry you belong to will be matched with connections in the database. Having only 50 to 100 connections can yield you great impact into connections of others, option is available to via 2nd and 3rd connections of your initial first connection.
3rd Recognition
Having Award and Achievement to enhance your profile, winning sales awards, completing certification courses to volunteering for organizations these are recognition based events that are important in your journey of success.
There are various individual groups you can join specific to your industry that you can join. Most of them are free and few of them are permission based. You want to keep up-to-date and get weekly reminders you can set it up with a few clicks.
You can also post comment and feedback to comments being made on various subject and use your expertise to show your knowledge on various topics.
5th Book reviews
There is great feature where you can share insight on books you have read or you are going to read. You can add mini-report and even add you comment on for book you really enjoyed!
LinkedIn is a big program that has many areas to use. The above are recommendations that I have sharing through numerous conversations and speak engagement that I have completed. Feel to do your own research of other areas in this great program.
There are many resources online that you can access that will give you more information and insights strategic areas that can improve your profile to attract new clients, customers or job offers in your community.

3 Reasons to attend Seminars
Personal Development is billion dollar industry. For some of you that may be surprising industry for the entrepreneurs reading that you may be very excited! (see reason at the end)
Being on your journey of going to school and learn various subject has been continous seminar, at the end we get our achievement on a piece of paper (which we should be proud of) and then we decide we don’t need to learn anymore. We may go to the book store and pick up a book and on title that may interest us and then put it on the bookshelf and don’t but principles into action!
To continue develop and grow requires commitment and confidence to make it a successful habit of success. Many great leaders from the present and past have shared great quotes that insights of essence of their success. Movies and documentaries have been made on the topic in recent years, The secret , Pass it on! to name of few.
1st Association
As you go out and meet entrepreneurs and business leaders, you will begin to develop your own network of professionals in difference industries. Many of these people will become lifelong friends, other may become partners in business ventures, and a few will become important mentors and leaders from who you will learn invaluable lesson.
“It’s the glue that holds everything together”
Associating with success is the ingredient gives you insights into the mindset of success. It can be short or long conversation you may share. Ability to ask multiple people questions on various topics at the same place. You are all on the journey of success using the principles that you learn, do and apply on daily basis. Through association your are verify that you are doing certain things correctly and other areas you may need more education.
Ability to engage and ask questions is a key factor in getting the right information for the correct source. My mentors always encourage asking questions at seminar and events. Your question may be starting a discussion that may lead the participants into a great momentum into the event and make a better impact for all.
“Learn, Do and Apply”
The ability to learn is the first important principle in the process of become better in any activity, from becoming a better leader, speaker or mentor. Taking that information and doing something with it will yield the results of satisfaction or failure. Learning the lessons why you failed in a seminar environment is a “safe area” rather than doing it in a professional environment where you may not get the lesson and possible embarrassment.

3rd Action
Being in this environment creates great synergy with the group and will allow you to start momentum to achieve the desired result.
Accountability is strategic way to make sure you keep on track with your progress on a weekly basis. Working with someone who specifically will keep you accountable towards this will keep you moving forward. Life issues will get in the way, the goal of your partner is to remind you and give you laser-focused to getting the result.
Reminders are going to be important. You have to decide which the best way to make this program work is. Is going to be by weekly phone call? Daily text messages? or email communications? This has to fit for both of you for it to work.
Persistence toward your goal will yield the result. Being in a room with motivated individuals who want to achieve their results will be fuel that will be crucial to your success. You individual persistence will be important for the team to succeed.

Moral of the story
Don’t you want a piece of that billion dollar industry? Invest in yourself and become the leader that shares the value and creates wealth you deserve.

3 reasons to participate Podcast
Internet has changed the way we can access information to enhance our journey of success. Many of us would like to attend events and meet new people and have face to face contact and shake hands. There are others who may not have the time to do than and can now participate online at their own leisure.
Podcast is a new an informative way to sharing your experience and learn from experts in various fields. You can attend live podcasts that may occur as specific time and day or may listen to recorded podcast from previous years. This gives you the flexibility to work with your schedule and make it successful event of your day.
You can learn about upcoming podcasts from newsletters you may subscribe to, networking event you may attend or from online social contacts you may have on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
Process is simple you register and will receive notification when podcast will begin. Recommend you have a paper and pen available or open a work document to make quick notes.
1st Experience
You will learn from experience professionals on specific topics that could give you insights on topics and areas that of interest for you from social media to job career advancement. Give you access to professionals you have learned lessons from their failures and are now sharing them for you to succeed and enhance your career.
Podcast are done variety of subjects that are given by experience professionals that gives you insights and information to avoid failure and enhance your ability to succeed in your industry.
Perhaps you made a resolution to have new experience and participate in event done different by professionals that you may not meet on your journey due to distance or location. Having a virtual teacher that you can communicate give you the ability to shorten the learning gap on a specific topic and get the correct information to achieve your success.
podcast and many other social media communication experience that will have a huge effect on the learning experience in the 21st experience. Professional are willing to share the experience at no cost to you which is incredible opportunity to learn from the best, the same information may cost your hundreds of dollars in attending a seminar in person.

2nd information
information that you will learn you will be able to excel in your journey of business, life and success. It’s important to make sure you apply information as quickly as possible to generate momentum for a desired result. Keep notes about the presentation preferably on a word document so you can go back and review notes easily.
Much time s the information shared has easy application process and could only take less the fifteen minutes to apply. Social media plug-ins and downloads of puff files and books are in very quick order. Have the sense of urgency to get the task completed.
3rd Resources
Now that you have these resources available feel free to leverage or share this with your social network. Attach a link to your Face book, LinkedIn & Twitter feeds. Share you experience in a short message.
You can also include resource on your newsletters and group you belong to on LinkedIn and other social media sites you have access to.
This gives you great opportunity to be expert in training sharing this information which create a resource that will be more vibrant and willing to communicate in the future
Moral of Story: Attend a podcast and make it a new experience. Learn something new about subject that you have been interested in.
Podcast done by Jim Pagiamtzis below
Craig Elias, Mark Gordon and Jim Pagiamtzis talking about the Art of Networking

Interviewed by Phil Taylor on How to attract mentor for Business, Life and Success

Interviewed by Phil Taylor on How to become a Networking Success

Is your Social Network yielding results

The world of networking has evolved and many are struggling with how to utilize this amazing tool to generate results – from new clients to financial goals.
There are numerous authors who say they have cracked the code of the social networking domain, which can be looked at in different ways, depending on your target market and other specifics.
There are several ways to create interest that will bring potential customers right to you inbox. From online resources to off-line referrals, marketers refer to these as “attraction devices”.
Content is king
There has to be substance to what you create and share through blogging, tweeting and short messaging.
Connect with your audience first. Then continue the conversation by attending an event, meeting in person or connecting via phone.
Having a viable message the target audience finds interesting is a critical part of your content marketing strategy that gives you credibility.
Paul Tobey, a networking expert, tweets “adding a new name to your list everyday means you are working on your business”. This is a powerful message that your audience may not realize they need to do.
This may cause someone to re-tweet your message or respond to you directly.
This approach can be used on all your social networks. Keep track on responses and reaction to this so you can build on what works well and eliminate things that are not effective.
Attraction systems
You may have great content and still find it difficult to get your potential clients to connect with you.
Overcoming this is all about two things: having a strong call to action and a place – most often your website - where potential customers can easily reach you.
Today email and social media are the most common ways to connect, but this can shift as technology changes. It is important to understand which channels your potential customers prefer and make these available.
A good strategy is to utilize email marketing campaigns to connect and create momentum that will generate interest from event, articles or special promotions.
Many business cards that I have seen recently have links where you can download chapters of their book. Free value that creates interest!
Follow up is important to create result
Now that you got referrals and leads coming in from your attraction system, an important step is to follow up in timely manner. Less than 48hrs is recommended, you don’t want them going to someone else!
Have systems in place, from questions for prospects to a list of the key things you need to communicate to close a sale. Have a paper and pen ready to take notes, whether you are in a meeting or on the phone.
As you grown business relationships, asks your customers for referrals.
Also ask existing customers if on they are enjoying working with you and pleased with your products and services.
This is great information to share in your online efforts or in written materials you may share with future clients. Always be in motion that fuels your momentum that is acquired to achieve your financial goals you have set-up for the year.
Statistics have shown that it takes at 6 or more time of contact to have you prospect becoming your client. The value you share and how you package your product or service is going to be very important system to have in place that can repeated over and over.
Three steps you do are:
• 1st Contact ( online or off-line)
• 2nd Connect ( meet and qualify)
• 3rd Close (follow up –follow through)
Write these step outs and keep them on computer or on your phone. The key to success is to be in constant motion and momentum in your journey of success.
Your social network can you yield results as long as you generate the strategic engagement needed to create the momentum that will lead to monetary success.
Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

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