Friday, February 24, 2012

Spotlight: Cathy Nesbitt

1. Your business is little different because you can compost inside, can
you explain that concept?

Vermicomposting or composting with worms is similar to backyard composting. The worms require a combination of carbon and nitrogen. The carbon or bedding can be shredded paper, brown leaves, straw, cardboard, drinks trays, etc. The nitrogen is the food scraps. Although there are thousands of different species of worms, there are only about four varieties that are ideal for worm composting. The red wiggler worm is the optimum composting worm as they consume about half their weight per day and are surface dwellers. Worms are going to play an ever-increasing role in waste management and soil production. It is essential that we learn how. The solution to our current garbage crisis is several solutions, one of which is vermicomposting. Worm composting is a viable solution to anywhere without the opportunity for backyard composting or access to an organic collection program.

2. Worms seem like a simple species but did you know they have an interesting anatomy?

Worms have a very interesting anatomy. First of all, they are hermaphrodites meaning male and female. It still takes two to reproduce. After mating both worms produce a cocoon or worm egg with multiple babies in each egg. Worms have 5 hearts each. There are 800-1000 red wiggler worms in a pound, that’s 4,000-5,000 hearts making them lovable creatures. Did you know a group of worms is called a squirm?

Cathy Nesbitt is a worm advocate and founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters. Established in 2002 this environmental business specializes in vermicomposting and organic diversion. She has been involved in numerous collection/composting research projects and diverted several tonnes from landfill.

Through inspirational story telling and an incredible sense of humour, Cathy has raised the level of awareness about environmental conservation. Cathy lives by her word by constantly reducing her own ecological footprint. Her thought-provoking style of speaking inspires individuals to take action and do something. Over 50,000 have seen her presentation! Cathy has spoken on vermiculture at provincial and national conferences. She has been featured in a variety of media including print, television and radio. Cathy has been acknowledged with several environmental and business awards, and is recognized as an eminent Canadian environmentalist and vermicomposting expert.

For more information about Cathy and her business, visit her award winning website – or call 1-888-775-9495.

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