Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scarborough Speed Networking Group

It was an awesome morning for the 1st event being held in Scarborough. Big Thank you to Lawrence Beesley and Dianne Ojar-Ali

Below are the videos, testimonials and 30 second commercials.

Jim Pagiamtzis speaking on PAR with Patrick Bizindavyi on his journey

Jim Pagiamtzis 30 commercial on Get Connected Make Wealth Happen

Lawrence Beesly 30 commercial

Robert Allen 30 commercial

Loren Taylor 30 commercial

Monique Smith 30 commercial

Monique Smith testimonial on Speed Networking Scarboorugh

Loren Taylor testimonial on Scarborough Speed Networking Group

Frank Billar 30 second commercial

Norm Zapata - Canadian Education Warehouse

Mathew Jazenko 30 commercial

Rita 30 second commercial

Ludmila Spivak 30 commercial

Dwight O.K Mclean 30 commercial

Dianne Ojar-Ali 30 commercial

Sandra Dindayal 30 second commercial.

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