Monday, February 13, 2012

33rd Annual Deca event today in Toronto

It was great thrill to participate as judge at the Deca (Ontario) at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. 5000 students from all over Ontario commenced to show the talent and skills in full day of competition.

It was my 2nd year participating and evaluating students convincing me why they should be win the role of marketing team for Delux Car Wash.

There were seven performance indicators they had to cover out from scale 1 to 10 and 5 areas which they were rated on their presentation skills.

Great ideas where shared on how to make car wash a success, from using great tag lines to promote various prices, to unique promotional ideas to get attention.
There were sample business cards that were made, which impressed many of the judges to powerpoint presentations (using paper) that were used to convey their ideas and recommendations.

Everyone was dressed for success and acted with extreme professionalism; they showed confidence and poise when faced with questions and defending their marketing and promoting decisions.

Watching the future leaders and entrepreneur utilized their unique abilities and combining interactive team work to achieve a combined goal was a great experience to witness. Many of the judges shared their experiences of amazing presentations they had either learn something new and impressed with the level of going full out to attain the best points possible.
“ Learn, Do and Apply”

They share many great quotes from Winston Churchill to Bill Cosby which was motivating and inspired to listen to. Taken a step further and applied the knowledge and participated in competition with knowledge and ingenuity that would have impressed many marketing experts.

Would like to wish all the students all the best in their journey to Provincial Finals being held later this summer in United States. Today in Toronto they were all winners!

Big thanks to all the volunteer teachers and judges who put in a full day of evaluation. Tim Horton’s card we got at the end of the day was well deserved!

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