Sunday, September 4, 2011

Word11 event was awesome success

It was a 24 hour experience that had never been done before and by the time it was over in the early morning we did have a Potty time!  we will never forget and absolute first class services provided to make Centre for Social Innoviation &  Honest Ed’s parking lot the place to be on August 27th.
It was been weeks and months of preparation for this first 24hr event on blogging. Attendees had come from all over North America to networking and learn about blogging from experts in various fields
The courses consisted of Evolving The Casual User and Hardcore Development tracks
Due to a last minute cancellation you’re truly started of the Beginner session sharing my journey on Blogging your way to success with David Hamilton assisting and special thanks to Rob Campbell.
Shared my journey from my first blog three years ago to how leveraged it to paid speaking engagement and ending up into a book coming out soon
The morning sessions consisted of speakers form Promod Sharma, Mukul Verma, A J Morris.

We had live twitter feet happening all day long that shared everyone’s insights on the day.
There was also a 4 event partners  who had booths  share the services. ( My

The evening session was to held at the Honest Ed’s parking lot with 2 areas for the speakers and booth for our event partners who were It’s my Potty,(first class facilities) Absolute Tent & Event Services (Media wall was a great success) Green Choice Motto, and Unique Outfit.
Food was supplied by Butler outlet and Victory Cafe had free beer at midnight!
The session began and the night was going well. We had power generator by to keep laptops and projectors powered the entire evening. Absolute provided all the tents and tables
As it neared the midnight we started out BBQ which lasted into the morning hours. Olga Goubar kept the flames going while Brett Deguire found the wood (don’t know where it came from!)
We shared stories and laughs thanks to Robert Kobayashi and Rob Cairns for bearing my ongoing  jokes!
Special mention to Phei Phei Oon for starting her blog that night (even added a video)

It was overall a great  24hrs and look forward to next year!

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Promotion video by Jim Pagiamtzis

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