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Word11 Blogging Festival - the Birthplace of this Blog

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The excerpt below from my "About" page gives you an idea of how this blog got started.
More specifically, it was at this bonfire that I started this website.  It was an ongoing fun time around the fire with jokes, teasing and laughter. 
The video gives you a glimpse of what I mean.  The group has been chatting throughout the night and that was 6:20 am in the morning.  The group was still having so much fun!

The Birthing Place of this Blog - WORD11 Festival, Toronto
    Thanks to WORD11 - the world first ever 24 hour blogging festival in Toronto, taking place just one week ago on August 23-24.  Veteran and novice bloggers came together for a one-day event to discuss, teach or learn about blogging and its impact on our life.  The interesting feature of this event was its duration - 24 hours.  Yes, that right, participants were encouraged, if not expected to stay up throughout the night to hang out, build relationships and may be blog throughout the night!
   I was not thinking of staying 24 hours at all!  But evening came and I got very energized by the energy around me.  There were great people,   Then, in the evening, after a full day of workshops, I was sitting and chatting with blogging gurus, who have used blogging to leverage business and communication.  I told them, somewhat bashfully, about my passion to start a blog on these stories and to my pleasant surprise, they responded to my stories with great enthusiasm and said that I should definitely blog about them.  That was probably 2:30 am in the morning, and I was charged!
   The rest was history...I then went back to with the group to the Honest Ed’s parking lot, the designated place where the festival bond fire (well a small one, but significant nonetheless) was held and the group gathered to make through the night via chatting, teasing and heartfelt jokes.  There was constant uproar of laughter throughout the night.
   I was blogging while the group chatted, and I constantly got my questions answered by the blogging gurus around me. They are generous and helpful.  So, within a few hours, I started my first website, made a few blog entries, started my youtube accounts with new video uploads and also became a twitter.   All because of the community around me.  The video showed the bond fire and also the laughter.

   Viola, here you are at the result of the inexplicable energy of that night.  Enjoy the reads...

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