Friday, September 9, 2011

Learnapoolza at ING Direct Cafe

Awesome ING Cafe was the place to be to learn about 4 Step process to Storytelling Success presented by Shawn Phelps. Experienced consultant, Editor and facilitator.
In less than 1 hour she guided us through the process using her experience and engaging the crowd on their feedback created very intense environment. (even the ambulance and helicopters didn’t break our focus). 

Four Steps of Story Branding Process are
1.     Fact Mining
2.     Fact Farming
3.    Shaping
4.     Congruency (sharing your story)

Going through example on how she shaped the story of her clients to create  more impactful presence to their clients. 

Sharing media stories from Magnum ice cream to Paris Hilton created a frenzy of discussion on how important at story is in marketing a brand or yourself.
Having a process is important process to follow to make sure you are staying on course with you idea, and how to make it impactful to your audience.

As the hour was nearing the end, we separated in two groups 5 and brainstormed an idea from 2 participants. Great exercise to utilize the process and see it in action, information shared by everyone was to the point and lots of notes were being taken by all.

We were very impressed on how we all learned, did and apply these simple steps to create an outcome to benefit all the participants and bring encouragement and empowerment to their journey of success.

Big thanks to ING Direct staff for the mini treats that were offered during our session.

Remember to go out and Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

More information on ING Cafe go to

Shawn D. Phelps

Jim Pagiamtzis  
 Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur 

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