Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spotlight: Cheryl Rankin

As we head into a 2011 its important to realize that networking is an ongoing process. Have had the opportunity to share the stage with Cheryl Rankin of Fit For Business and want give you insight on how to approach the next few weeks in a proactive manner

Question 1.
Networking is all about approach what do you recommend to create an effective conversation online?

-- Networking online is about two things.  One is consistency; be sure to get on your social media listings at least once a day.  If possible try to change up what time of day so different people will see the posts that you do.  If you only post once in awhile then no one will be watching for your post and / or trust that you might read their posts.  Two is ‘help other people’; try to make sure that most of your posts are helpful ones.  If you are always selling your stuff then people will start to ignore your posts because they already know what it is and have no reason to read it.

Question 2.
You have either attended and / or hosted your own networking events, have you learned anything new that has sharpened your approach when meet new people at events?

 -- Most people attend events so they can sell their own products and services.  Knowing that they have this focus; I try to help them before giving them and info about my company.  If I can tell them that before they leave the event that I will introduce them to a good candidate for them (even name the other person) I then tell them what I do and ask them to help me.  I do not ask them to buy – I ask them to listen for clients for me since I have helped them.

To learn more about Cheryl Rankin go to www.fitforbusiness.ca or fitforbusiness.blogpsot.com 

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