Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spotlight :Joe Collins

In my speaking on "How to become a networking success" have come across many participants who have pArticipates in what I call " open line communication" where I communicate once a week with individuals who seek either some light accountability or guidance on their success.

Joe Collins has done just that and accellerated his own development in a few short months he proved to that he had the commitment and integrity to meet with with to strategize and do some role playing.

He also came out and volunteered at tradeshow where spoke at and did an excellent in communicating and sharing relative information at the booth

The most proud moment happened at an event where i had been asked to speak to Toastmasters group on talk that I did on arties that had been published in a college magazine.

Near the end of the event they had part where you selected a folded piece of paper and to a short talk on the topic.

As you may have heard number one fear by everyone is public speaking, on this day Joe Collins stepped up a delivered a very funny and memorable talk on "his first crush". He had the crowd engaged and interested.

He continues to learn and grow and is able to take on challenges with the ability to find the solution!

Way to go Mr. Joe Collins

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