Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Market to your Network and get appreciation

Living the Get Connected Make It Happen lifestyle has created the opportunity to meet great entrepreneurs but also have great success together. Two years ago I had attended a Life Entrepreneur where I met Tm Mahdi form Cg6. At the time he had just published his first large size newspaper called Crossover ( he had personally delivered a copy for me to read after the event)

As time passed we had connected at various events throughout the city from Freelance bootcamp at Ryerson to Small Business Forum at the Metro Convention.

Shortly after that we had a meeting regarding get some speakers for an event called Initiative TO which was happening in Toronto City wide the week of Nov 15-19 celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. Had sent out an email to my network regarding this event and had a great response (read story below) So great that we had to make some change on how to connect with organizer

The event was a overall success and I had three friend who ended up speaking at the event and one location that I have done some marketing the week before.

Remeber that you meet people everyday and you just don't know when and where you will conneted again. Check out my blog or email for my montly newsletter at

"I want to personally extend my hand out and share my thank you to Jim Pagiamtzis. Because of you, my voicemail has been so clotted up in interest. Thank You. And many thanks to Marilyn Garshowitz, Cheryl Rankin, Anfernee Chansamooth, Eric Bernhard Kristle Calisto-Tavares, Brent Kobayashi, Dan Hashemi, Kune Hua, Jan Keck, Kenny Santos, Elysabeth Fischer, Vivianne Gauci and Natalia Kantor for making magic really happen." Tm Mahdi

Go out there and Get Connected and Make it Happen!

Jim Pagiamtzis

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