Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Networking Success Story

Recently had reconnected with an entrepreneur that I had met at a networking event two years ago. His group has published an interesting paper called the Crossover and have done numerous event in the Toronto area. Had an attended one last month for Freelance Bootcamp at Ryerson University.

I have be given the opportunit to speak at the event this month (www.cg6.com for details) there were still looking for additional speakers and sponsors. I offered to email my newsletter and social networking groups with a brief announcent. Two days later I got a call from my contact advising he got 12 calls in less than two days and his mailbox was full! He was happy but overwhelmed, we made some alterations to the document to ease the communication.

Lesson in this example entrepreneurs do read their email.

Have also got some sponsorship opportunities with college alumni office.

Networking is an ongoing process that yields results in due to time,
treat every connection with respect and you will be suprised where it will lead.

Look forward to my talk on How to attract a Mentor for Business,Life and Success on November 17th at InitiativeTO find on Facebook and Twitter, Sprouter and group on LinkedIn

Look forward to Get Connected Make it Happen!

Jim Pagiamtzis is published author, speaker and entrepreneur. Looking for a guest speaker for your event or writer for your business, product or services to enhance you business email at payamgis@gmail.com for free 1/2 consultation.

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