Thursday, February 1, 2018

Special event review: Acces Employment Speed Mentory event

                     Wednesday May 17,2017

                    It was evening that I will never forget.

                   I have been attending the Acces Employment event as a mentor for the past 5 years. It has been amazing experience to listen and learn from professional and entrepreneur who have aspirations to start their own buisiness in the near future

                On this night I was ready to listen and offer my advice to participants sitting across from me  As the night went on I heard ideas, potential business products and even some potential business partnerships!

               Nothing really impressive that would make my night. It was until the last mentee sat infront of me.

                When I look at him at first he looked like a biker that had just got out of prison!

              Was I way wrong, His name was Niche who had arrived from Greece earlier in the year. I started to really excited ( I am of Greek descent)

                He present me with a business plan, logo and monetary funds he had secured from government agencies and friends. Close to 90K

                    This was the WOW moment of the night!  I got up and hugged him. Everyone in the room look astonished and confused.

                    I said "This is what Greek do when they meet!"

                   The entire room laughed

                     It was great way to end the evening to see that he done his homework and was ready to execute his plan.
                      Fast forward to January 2018.

                    He has secured a place in the Queen and Dufferin area and is scheduled to open in mid February 2018.
                     Stay tuned...


Jim Pagiamtzis and Niche

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