Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Journey to being in Frank D'Angelos The Joke Thief

                 Friday February 2nd

               I see this Facebook post that says" looking for non union or aabp adults to work on   February 5th downtown"

               That night I decided to connect with the poster and send them an email that I was interested. Few hours later I get an email back confirming that I have been approved and will sent additional information soon.

                  Here the catch! I work fulltime and didnt' know I would able to attend.

          Saturday Feburary 3rd

           I still didn't know how I was going to pull this off!

          Sunday February 4th

             Superbowl Sunday I get sick!  seriously sneezing, headcold the entire works.The minutes and hours pass and at around 10:00pm I email and say I am available! Of course I still had no ideas if and how I could make it.

              I packed a few clothes that night and brought them with me to work.

        Monday February 5th

         I wake up and still feel sick and little groggy. Start my morning journey to work still with no idea on how I am going to make this happen.

          I get to work and my manager ask how I am doing and I say no very well. Next thing you know he says "feel free to go at 11:30am if you still not feeling well" I respond with "very much appreciated" inside I am saying to myself. "WOW!" did that just happen!

          At 11:30am I leave and run to the bus stop. by 12:15pm I reach Osgoode Station, I run to Metro Hall and use the bathroom to get changed on the 3rd floor. (been there alot for various events)

          I run downstairs and start my walk on King Stree West. I reach 325 and its Forget About It restaurant. I walk inside and the cast and crew are having lunch. Submit my paperwork and have lunch with everyone.

               It was great to see few friends that I have been on in previews show in recent years at the shoot.

        It was quick 2 hours and we were done!

         Moral of the story: "Don't you love when a plan comes together" George Prepard as Hannibal from the tv show The A-Team


Forget About It Restaurandand Bar

Jim Pagiamtzis and Frank D'Angelo

Jim Pagiamtzis and Daniel Baldwin

The Joke Thief

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